Spring Break My Way


I really hate to say this considering all the snow-bound North Americans right now, but — spring is right around the corner here!

Although we have rain off & on, it’s quite warm — usually hitting 10° C [50° F] or higher.  So, less house-bound days & more having-fun-outside days.

The little spring buds in the front have grown bigger & a couple of early spring flowers [both purple] have bloomed.  One is a gorgeous crocus & the little plant — whatever its name is — already has two flowers.

Now, I have a better idea of what’s growing in this little flower bed.  I can decide what perennials need to be added — like my favourite little flowers, the white lily of the valley, yellow crocus, & delicate daisies.

I took a break from writing, decorating, making patterns, designing projects — even, ugh, cleaning house.  I took some time to have fun — to mentally refresh.  🙂

Lady & I spent more time playing outside — she definitely doesn’t mind rain & I love the warm rain as long as it’s not pouring.

I had a couple of great visits with my grand-daughter — it’s so much fun playing with the sweet almost-17-months-old cutie.  I got a soft bunny for her for Easter but couldn’t wait that long to give it to her.

I didn’t realize how big Mr. Bunny was — she has to grab him tight!  When she has him dance, his ears flop all over the floor.  Now she has a new friend to add to her animal bedmates — I hope there’s still room for her.  😉

Always the bargain hunter, I was overjoyed with the deals I got at Home Outfitters.  Typical me — I went in to get a good muffin tin for around $10 — came out with my arms full & my bank account $120 lower.

But wait!  I got almost everything for 50% off so I figure this stuff is worth double what I paid!  First of all, hmmm, something I’ve wanted for 20, 30, maybe even 40 years — ahem, a lady’s electric razor.  Like seriously, I’m in heaven.  I’ve wanted one of these babies forever but never willing to spend $80 — this Philips Ladyshave was ½ price at $40.  Best of all, waiting until this modern decade means it’s cordless & rechargeable — bonus!

I’d seen this gorgeous tray in chocolate brown before & knew it would be a perfect side table — but not at it’s regular price of $89.99.  Wow, plus tax, that would be over $100.  I like the strong chrome stand & absolutely love the crocodile texture in red [no worries, it’s not real] — got this baby for $40 [tax makes it $45.20].  😛

So, so far, paid $90 [with taxes] for value [yeah, that would be the MSRP I think — Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price?  — with a HUUUUUGE markup] at regular price of $192 [with taxes].  Savings of $102 — yahoo!  😎

Saw these ½-price cuties for 99¢ each — the blue matches my walls & are the perfect addition to my collection of chrome & black tools hanging over the stove.

And I was quite pleased to get the last three of these beauties.  Each pair of candle holders [including little wooden tray] was $2.39 — regular $7.99.  Knowing I didn’t have candles at home, I picked up Yankee “Butter Sweet” votive candles for 99¢ each [I think their regular price was $1.49].  All these “inexpensive” accessories would usually cost about $50 with taxes — I paid $21.52, including taxes.

Oh yeah, there is one thing I paid regular price for — the muffin tin for $9.99.  So, the GRAND total value of all my goodies would be about $253 & I paid, . . ., dum da dum, . . . $123.  I saved, . . ., ta da — $130!

😀  Oh man, I’m always ecstatic when my savings is more than the receipt.  😎

Speaking of muffin tins, . . ., on one of those rainy spring days, my room-mate made a couple batches of wonderful oatmeal walnut muffins.  Now Lady thinks you should simply give her some — it’s almost beneath her dignity to sit for a piece, . . . well, okay, . . ., if you must.

Mollie, the exploring cook’s dog, will do almost anything for food.  While the rest of us are in different parts of the house [Lady with me], Mollie will sit by the kitchen counter — her eyes glued to the food all night — waiting for someone to give her a piece.

This time she had to suffer the torture of wearing a snap-closed jacket.  😀  Doesn’t she look like a gorilla?  hee hee  😉

But if you were to ask her, I’m sure Mollie would tell you it’s worth it — this is a little fuzzy but she is licking her chops here after a piece.


I felt sorry for her & asked if she really thought us laughing at her & Lady not going near her, was going to get her any more pieces.

She was a little worried, for maybe a minute, but, . . ., in her mind, persistence pays off.  So there she sat, not moving, & not trying to get out of the coat.

Of course, she eventually got another piece [or two].  I’m sure for the next batch, she won’t have to stoop so low.

Now, it’s time for me to get back to glass work & maybe do some spring cleaning.

Simply A Dawne Thought

** most of the photos are mine but the ones of Mollie oggling the muffins are from Mark Bryant.


One comment

  1. Great Bargain, I love a bargain or two!
    Pretty neat how Mollie will just sit and wait for a piece of food and let you put a jacket on her.

    Flowers what is that, haven’t seen any here for a long long long time, still have snow, Yug!

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