Yellow Hiccup in Glass Panels

😦  😡  😮

Oops, had a little hiccup cutting the gorgeous yellow glass for my headboard panels.  Cutting the angles in those darn rays is proving difficult — at least with the highly textured yellow I’m using.

I only need 4 yellow rays & had plenty of glass to cut that many with the orange/white flow along the same angle.  But after 6 attempts, I have only 3 rays where the cut line didn’t veer way off course & make the resulting piece too small — eek!  😦

Thank goodness I had been clever enough to cut off the extra length before attempting the angle cuts.  So, I do have one piece of yellow that is large enough BUT — double eek! — the flow is perpendicular to what the rest are.  😡

And things had been running along tickety-boo.  Within 5 hrs [2 hrs on Friday & 3 hrs on Saturday], I had printed & glued together the patterns [1 for cutting & 1 for assembly], cut the light blues, changed the colour scheme in the border, cut the dark blues, & cut the white triangles.  Oooh, so pretty!  😀

Adding the yellow really brought some bright colour to the whole scenario.  But, man, after a whole hour struggling to get 3 of the required 4 rays, I left it for fresher eyes [& mind] in the morning.

[You can’t really tell in the picture, but there’s only one piece of glass on the left yellow ray & two on the right one.]

Such is the joys working with glass.  The process is exciting though — designing my vision, preparing the pattern, & producing the glass pieces:

This little group of photos reminds me of those little corner sketches we used to make so if you thumbed through all the pages quickly, you could make a little animated scene.  Of course, I only made stick men, but I could make them dance.  😉

It’ll be cool to watch the scene progress as I finish cutting & start leading the two panels side-by-side.

But now, I must see to the fate of my yellow glass — please wish me luck — I think I’m going to need it!  😎

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. Hey, it looks great so far, I don’t see where you had to put two pieces together, but I know you know they are there.
    I thought it was all blue or is that the window?
    Great work! Love it!

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