Productivity Here — A Mess There

Funny thing about spending most of your time working [or playing] on only specific parts of your life — other areas get quite messy!

I’ve been so intent on working [cutting glass, getting pics, writing] as well as playing [with Lady & grand-daughter] that the little things of life [dishes, laundry, vacuuming] have not received my attention.

The glass doors are up on the first corner bookcase — the turquoise is gorgeous.  The piece of calcite, Gorilla-glued to a bolt, is staying in place — works great as the door knob.

Cutting the pieces for my bed panels is going well — finished the last yellow ray, & all four orange [that looks red in pics] triangles.

Printed extra pattern pieces for the red rays & now need to cut with the pattern on top because the glass is too dark to see through [my usual cutting method].  Definitely need a light table.

So, being busy with glass cutting meant a couple days had to be spent organizing & cleaning.  Did some laundry & got all the dishes done — almost a minor miracle.  😉

The best part was organizing the kitchen & my jumbled work area.  Since we don’t use the kitchen table, I’m taking it over to turn into a project table for me.  My drafting table is becoming a ‘tea table’ in the kitchen.

I cleaned out my corner, moved the glass sheets to a safe spot, & switched the tables.

The first phase of transforming the drafting table was easy — throw on a table cloth, canisters, sugar bowl, & kettle.  A little finangling to plug it in & we’re set.

At 39″ tall, it is so much easier on the back to make tea or coffee now.  With the fridge just to the right, there’s no need to go near the cooking area or take up any of my precious counter space.

I’m most pleased with how organized my work area turned out.  And thoroughly amazed at how much highly-necessary stuff is packed into approximately the same area I was using before, . . . + the other side of the living room + the workshop + my bedroom + . . .  😎

It took me awhile to get it arranged — probably ‘adjusted‘ the table 7 or 8 times which also meant delicately moving the upright sheets of glass underneath!  Definitely need that light table with dividers to store glass. 😮

Most of my organizers are on the oddball assortment of shelving units along the wall.  They hold everything from smaller pieces of glass in various colours, stencils & painting supplies, to desk supplies, project boards, & source files.

I’m working on a plan to move most of that into two shelving units that will become the base of my ‘project table‘ — more on that later.  Should be able to finish cutting the red glass today — it’s much smoother glass than the yellow, so, please, no problems with these rays!

Then, I have a $28 piece of ¾” plywood to cut into two ‘working’ boards — the rest is for my table bases.  Then it’s on to my favourite part — assembly with lead came.  But, that’ll be after a visit with my grand-daughter.  😀

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