Family Take Priority

I noticed that I haven’t posted here every day during March — oops, sorry WordPress Challenge.  Of course part of the blame goes to the arrival of spring — oh boo hoo.

Yes, nice weather will often take me away from the computer.  But only one thing will always take me away — a call or visit from one of my family.  And boy, have I ever been yakking a lot with them over the last few days!

Although my favourite sister & I email often, we only talk on the phone every couple of weeks.  Then we’ll have a marathon of a talk that lasts 2 or 3 hours usually — sometimes even more.  The next day we did have a bonus chat on Facebook — thank goodness we both type fast — that only lasted 30-45 min.

I had a wonderful Facebook chat with youngest son — with lots of lol, hee hee, & love yous.  Again, we had a shorter voice chat later on the phone.

Then, middle son is in for a 2-wk break from working in Fort MacMurray so rather than our usual short text messages, we got in a live visit.  While he was gone I had a short–but fun–visit with my grand-daughter & daughter-in-law — today we’ll all have a longer visit.

Sundays often turn into a talk-marathon.  This week I know I won’t be talking to my Mom because they’ve just left on a cruise, but usually I can count on a wonderful call with oldest son & my grandson.

So, yes, the dishes are done, the place is fairly organized & running smooth.  It’s glass-work & writing that usually suffer — A-OK in my books if it’s for my family.  That’s what love is all about.

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