Transforming with Paint

With it too cold in the workshop for my glass [Dawne Design – Glass Move From Cold], I’m transforming my kitchen table into a ‘project table‘.

And the 30″ tabletop, coupled with my waist at 36″, guarantees a sore back — so the first thing to design is raising it to my waist level.  My inspiration came from the Pottery Barn’s Bedford Project Table:

While PB’s is 55″ square, the tabletop I’m working with is 30″x48″.  I thought about ways to enlarge it but with space limited, I’ve postponed any ‘additions’ for now — maybe Phase IV.  😀

I really like PB’s table because the legs are basically shelving units — I need this baby to store a lot:

  • various storage boxes,
  • some art books,
  • myriad supplies, & especially,
  • glass of assorted colours, sizes, & shapes.

Out of a sheet of ¾” plywood, I got two 2’x3′ working boards, & two frames for 3′ x 2′ bases for the tabletop.

It was so nice out today that I was able to get 2 coats of primer painted on all but one side.  I’ll finish priming tomorrow then, hopefully 1 but maybe 2, coats of ivory semi-gloss will make it ready for the house.

Maybe Wednesday, I can take the table legs off & replace with the bases.  I’m not attaching the heavy wooden tabletop — gives me more flexibility.

I’m not sure yet what I’m using for shelving — thinner plywood, finished pine, or maybe even a glass one.  In the meantime, I’ve been planning how to organize all this storage under the table.

Still working on it . . .

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