Glass Storage for Projects

It was a bit windier & colder today so I was glad there was just a little bit of priming left for the table bases.  So I worked on inside jobs — with the windows & doors open.  😎

Finalized the shelving in Photoshop & decided to do thinner plywood [~½”] for two middle shelves & a glass one for a short third shelf maybe 4″ from the top — to place all those tiny containers that usually get lost among the bigger ones.

Although it’ll be awhile before I get them finished, I also added glass doors.  [They will cost about the same price as fabric cubes & besides, I think the glass looks more sophisticated.]

[The blue patches ↑↑ here & also ↑↑ here are swatches from the kitchen floor & carpet where each unit will stand.]

I’d been mulling over these glass colours — do I match it with the blues of the house?  Or the beautiful green I saw at Glass-Smith’s that doesn’t match any of my colours?  Then, I remembered a beautiful creamy ivory opaque glass also there — that’s it!

I’ll check out the price & hope it’s not the expensive stained glass — like $15 or $30 per sq. ft.  I like the idea of all the colour coming from the accessories — what do you think?  Would you use blue, turquoise, green, ivory, or another colour?

Behind the double glass doors will be hardboard slots for glass sheets – a tall area for 24″ wide & a shorter one for the 12″.

With an open back, the length can go up to 36″ [under the tabletop] before it hits the back of the other table base.

It would be fairly unusual for me have any sheets bigger than 2′ x 3′ — if so, I’m sure they wouldn’t stay that large for long.  😉

Now, will the weather be nice enough to get 3½ plywood shelves primed & installed in the workshop?  Then I can move this baby in, paint it ivory semi-gloss, & remove the table legs.  The countdown is on!  😀

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