What a S.A.D. Case

I feel the energy growing more every day.  I’m more productive — happier.  I sleep less & am more likely to jump out of bed looking forward to the day rather than grumble & need endless cups of coffee to drag my aching body about.

I skip.

Spring not only marks the environmental awakening all around, it also marks a ‘happy mood’ awakening for those of us who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder [with the very appropriate acronym of SAD].

I was reminded of this today when I awoke to a dull sky filled with low-hanging clouds spewing heavy drops.  Ah, not the same chipper mood from the last few days of gorgeous sun.

Sometimes I cannot re-create that feeling no matter what I try.

Watched an eagle flying over the water — he’d disappear in a cloud then pop out again.  In & out, he cruised around — until he flew into the clouds & didn’t come back out.  😎

Put an old t-shirt on Lady — she really does not like wearing clothes so it was a bit of torture for her — a real giggle for me.  She looked wonderfully human when raising her front leg to play with Mollie.  😀

This created some laughter & some ooohs.  Don’t worry, Lady walked around fine with the arms ending around her front knees & a knot in the shirt keeping it snug against her body.  I took it off after she lay down & gently chewed the knot undone — then I got lots of hugs & kisses for ‘rescuing’ her.  😎

I was reminded of a crack an old friend had made many years ago about his fat cat.  He figured he’d get ‘Boo‘ to run the weight off by putting him outside with a left-over turkey carcass around his fat body.  😮

Oh my, yeah, the dogs would certainly be after him — I had laughed until I cried at this hilarious scenario then — it brought a little smile today.  😉

Worked a little on SketchUp & produced an even better version of my Project Table.  😎

Talked a little with my sister — only 1½ hrs.  😉  I’m very happy to hear some excitement in her voice — she finally gets to go house-hunting.  Yeah Sis!  😮

Then I settled into some writing in a much happier mood.  No, I didn’t have the same intense energy of the last couple of days — but I wasn’t tired or cranky either.  I was settled — spring is here & we need the rain as well as the sun.  The elements of life.

From what I’ve read,** approximately 2-6% of the Canadian & American population suffer from SAD — another 14-15% suffer the less-intense SSAD [Subsyndromal SAD].  That’s approximately 1 person in every 5 in our stretch of the northern hemisphere that feel some effects of the season change.

When I was a kid we used to call it cabin fever or the winter blahs — we cursed Old Man Winter.  We needed sun, warmth, exercise — winter in Alberta lasts 6, 7, even 8 or more months!   My Dad has seen snow every month of the year — I’ve only missed July & then you get storms pelting huge golf, sometimes baseball, sized hail — frozen iceballs from the sky.

Check out Calgary April 28th last year when my brother in Toronto & me in Victoria were flying in for our Mom & Dad’s surprise birthday party — a major blizzard!  And the Cold North Pole was freezing still by the time I left the middle of May.

Get the idea?  Winter can be a real bummerThat’s why I found my little part of paradise in Canada — among the warm Pacific Ocean breezes of the islands off the west coast.

We have four seasons — each for three months.  Amazing, eh?  Winter ends right around the Spring Equinox & the flowers start adding their colour then — not a couple months later if the snow leaves.

As long as it’s not pouring, I love the warm rain here.  In a year, I get outside more often — thus I get more sun & more exercise — than I would in the rest of our country.

We have nice summers — not too hot because funny enough I also have seasonal episodes in the high heat of summer.  I’m active more of the year here.

Yes, we are affected by the seasons but we can help ourselves by getting sunlight [not just indoor bulbs — light therapy lamps are available], exercise year-long, steer those pessimistic thoughts to find humour & hope, lower the carbs & eat lots of fruits/veggies.

You may even decide, like me, to find a spot where your body performs at its best — where it is at home.

Please, if you think you suffer from SAD, discuss your symptoms with a doctor.  I cannot offer medical advice.

Simply A Dawne Thought

**  See CBC & Wikipedia



  1. That is right, that a human needs sunshine to make everything right with the body.
    Here in Calgary, we got dumped big time!
    We have had about 15 to 20 cm of snow and it’s still coming down. Us in Calgary have to load up on Vitamin D, as we don’t see enough sun.
    Ah spring, we are waiting in Calgary for it and we can’t wait, everybody will be outside doing there lawns, let hope very soon. As we now are outside removing snow.

    • Oooh, so much snow! I really feel for you guys. You might not want to read my post later today — Lady & I had a wonderful afternoon outside in the sun & I gathered up some spring blossoms from the trees for vases in the house. 🙂 Someone in the neighbourhood even has their lawnmower going. Keep warm & don’t worry — spring is climbing those Rockies.

      Vanessa Dawne dawnedesign.net

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