Flowers Inside Bring Cheer


We must be very blessed around our little pocket of Sooke because Lady & I enjoyed a wonderful day of sunshine while Victoria had pouring rain.  I didn’t have a clue!

And Calgary’s getting more snow & below zero temperatures right now — unbelievable.  We spent quite awhile playing outside!  I didn’t even notice I caught Lady Daisy’s shadow playing with a rope.  😎

With lots of budding & blooming going on in the gardens around here, I always end up with my fingers in the dirt.  Who needs gloves?

And, oh yeah, I lost my pruning shears — ah, a good ole ‘exacto’ knife will work fine.  😐

A bit of cleaning of the dead stuff got done — then I gathered quite a group of spring blossoms for the house.  My greatest delight when first discovering the west coast was the bountiful flowers that I could bring into our Campbell River house every year.

I don’t have quite as many vases now but the longer branches fit wonderfully into a couple of my bigger ones.

My favourite blue vase is hiding a weird little piece of carpet between the wood stove, wall, & kitchen stove.  It’s ripped & ragged & I just want to rip the whole strip out!

Out of sight, out of mind — right?  😉

I love the wild look of spring blossoms — they’re so long & delicate that they bend as if always reaching down.  The branches are lined with such pretty little flowers in every colour of the rainbow.

I don’t know the names of these plants.  The dark red ones come from backyard bushes that have overgrown the hedge in front of them so they reach away from the shadow of the huge cedar tree behind them. 😦

The light pink & white ones come from trees in the front that line the driveway.  I’m pretty sure they’re a cherry or a plum — the tiny petals of the blossoms are already littering the yard as if they were a light snowfall.

The special vase made by my brother-in-law greets you in the hallway by the pet station & shelves.  Notice the fake flowers?

Yeah, I kept the violet silk concoctions in — they actually fit in quite nicely with the real.

The effect from the delicate blossoms was immediate.  When moving them around, I got a nice whiff of sweetness.  Oh yeah, that’s why all our household stuff has names like ‘spring flowers’ & ‘apple blossom’ for their man-made scents.  😉

The whole place cheered up.  The previously scraggly-looking vases achieved a higher beauty with their new-found duty.  I found a bit more energy to organize & clean the kitchen area.

I’m especially pleased with my little shelf above the sink.  It went from an under-used show-off of Royal Doulton to a cheery display of spring colour.

I spend a lot of time staring at this little corner — doing dishes is boring.  So, it’s certainly a nice departure to have real flowers to match the china ones.  😛

This is the only yellow flower I cut today.  It came from the hedges I thought might be dead.  They are closest to the sea & had been brutalized last fall by some crazy pruner.

But the tops of some of the thick, brown branches have sprouted new green leaves & a few delicate yellow blossoms — I dare not take more than one thin branch for the house.

Yes, the growing season is upon us — at least, here in paradise.

Simply A Dawne Thought


  1. I love the Royal Dalton with the flowers, they match perfectly!

    Just having flowers around the house makes any area look & smell good.

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