From Old To Bold

While cleaning up the kitchen last evening I put a little glass candle holder into the bucket of stuff for the garage — intended for my “I might be able to use this someday” packrat pile.  A little later it hit me that I had a few of these hanging around, . . . & with a little copper paint.

Now I know I have at least one more somewhere — there’s a pair in this pic & all three that I painted are different shapes & sizes.  As I find more, I’ll add them to the top of the fridge.

I painted the inside as far down as the candle has been burned — otherwise the light shines through the brush strokes outside.  Or I suppose you could do two coats on the outside, or even be more creative & incorporate the see-through parts into a design.

They’re the perfect height to allow the cupboard door to open.  [Oh, what a pain to move something tall, the rare times I go in there!]  I didn’t notice there was a few candle-less angel holders in the background — but I like the way they go together here.

This is how they’ll stay for awhile.  The angels are meant for taller candles & that’ll put them in the way of the doors —  they can still sing & play their instruments without the fire.

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