Animated LiteBrite Love

🙂 During my morning travels around the internet, I cam across this cool video — at Kristi’s Addicted 2 Decorating — of animated LiteBrite scenes with a very nice song by SMS Shine.

I like the message in the delightful scenes & wonderful words.  It reminded me that even in this unfeeling world of technology, in the highly-competitive worlds of music & home design, in our own little worlds of home decorating, cooking, crafting — we express our love through creativity.

Kristi is a fan of band member David Crowder, stop motion animation, & LiteBrite so this was a great blast-from-the-past.

I remember my children having a great time with this toy — until they ran out of the fancy black paper, the light bulbs burnt out, & the little pegs were all over the house.  😉

I hope you check out this very uplifting video.  Thanks Kristi & SMS Shine.

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