Bing, Bang, Boom

Isn’t it funny how wonderful [& I guess terrible, but we’re not going there] things seem to happen all at once?  Bing, bang, boom.

Unusually busy around here — the landlord is back from Mexico & is having the huge mini-forest of cedars leading to the water cut down.  A little bing in my world — more on that later.

My room-mate surprised me by taking the legs & apron off the kitchen table [before I was even awake] and bang, my Project Table was up — aching to be filled.  I love it!

It didn’t take me long & I had the glass safely put away.  And wow, how cool it all looks with the sun shining through!

It started a mini-whirl of spring cleaning.  But again, more on that later.

The big event of the day — the big boom — middle son, wife, & little adorable one came visiting & Nana got her first art work. Now this is a masterpiece — worth mega-millions in a few short years.  😮

I have the perfect blank spot on the wall behind my project table to hang this — I’m thinking I’ll make a collage of some of the mega pictures we have of her.  🙂

I do not teach my grand-daughter — she teaches me!  I learned a new sign from her — on — when I was played the musical clown dolls her father & uncles had given me.  She put one of her little hands on top of the other & sorta moved.  Oh, do you want it on again?  Yes, mom says, that’s the sign for on.  What a darling!

The coolest moment is when she looks at me & says Na-na.  Her voice is clear & full of wonder — especially when she says words like Oh, Yes, & even No.  😀

Our adult talk always leads to the world we want for her — our hopes, our fears.  I want her to have children, grand-children, & even great-grandchildren to enjoy in a world filled with peace, knowledge, nature, security — & of course, mega love.

We don’t understand how people can be so concerned with accumulating $$ that they do not consider the consequences for the children of our future.  For us, it is all about her.

Then, even though it’s been hours, they’re off again & I’m back to my organizing — the bang in my life carries on.  The table looks great & opens up the area — there’s plenty of room on the top for working & plenty underneath for storage.  😎

And, funny enough, it’s first job was as a diaper changing table — best spot in the house.  It’s the perfect height for tall people like me, my son & his wife — amazing that raising a counter 6″ can save your back!


I moved & organized until I was exhausted — boy, it’s been a busy couple of days!  I’m definitely pleased with how it’s turning out.  No, it’s not a $1200 Pottery Barn unit made of MDF.  It’s painted plywood waiting for some glamour.

I’ve got a couple ideas of putting cork, white board, etc. on the sides & yup, I might even try my hand at cutting mitre cuts for molding.  Most of that is cosmetic.

This is a working table that is beautiful enough to be in my living room — for now.  [Someday it might be in it’s own ‘project room’.]

It’s time to get back to glass work & I’m absolutely delighted.  😛

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