Fabric Cubes R Cat’s Meow


Wanting to take a picture of the rearranged ‘spring’ tea table, I placed a couple of the small fabric cubes from the bathroom to fill the lonely cookbook shelf.  Yes, there’s only one but I do have a couple more — somewhere . . .

Now, since I really don’t need that much space for cookbooks & I’m humming & hawing about what to put there [too close to dogs for dishes] I figured they’d be perfect for the kitchen linens now crammed in one of the drawers.  I could use that baby for pot lids.

Again for the picture, I put my little collection of spice containers on the bottom shelf.  They fit nice & I like the variety of glass colours — similar to the perpendicular project table.  It seems kinda weird to me to keep spices so close to the floor — what do you think?  For now . . .

Of course, while in the $ Store to get replacement cubes, lots of other things catch my eye.  The blue/ beige cubes are $3.50 & have sturdy walls — the bottoms are simply fabric with a zipper so I don’t want to use them for glass.

But the pretty turquoise ones, obviously lighter, are only $1.50.  And since I’m finding more things than simply glass that need to be ‘hidden from view’, I picked up a few for the project table.  I’m pretty impressed — they actually have a sturdy covered piece of cardboard for the bottom & the walls are not bad.  And they’re pretty.

I also borrowed a couple of the Martha Stewart turquoise cubes from my bedroom for the brass bookshelf under the table.  They fit perfectly & co-ordinate nicely with the ivory/beige or slightly brighter turquoise of my other containers.


Poor Pardus — it must seem to him that every time he comes to the window, things are changed around.  When I added the little blossoms from the laurel hedges, he went straight to them, rubbed his head on them, THEN came to me for his greeting.  I think Pardus approves.

In one of my shots, most of the table was in shadows but I like the artistic look of Pardus & the stained glass ballerina.

Aren’t Pardus’s little ears cute?  And, hey, the microwave shadow hides his fat butt.  😛

The ballerina’s yellow outfit is made of iridescent glass so it reflects brighter.  I love it!

Too bad the ugly fiberglass covering on the porch shows through — hmmm, maybe that should be my next window project.

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