A Little Detour Before Cutting Glass


Whew, this week has been so busy with so many different aspects of life that, even if I have started writing something, I haven’t had the interest or energy to finish it.

So here’s a little catch-up.

Organizing the project table has also meant changing things in my bedroom — some of the supplies & storage boxes had been in the top of the closet.

I found a couple of cool teal vases at a Dollar store & also picked up two glitter-filled branches with delicate butterflies on them.

One of the vases & the turquoise branch went on my bedside table.  I really love how it repeats the shape of Van Gogh’s tree.

The corner brass unit also ended up in the bedroom — after a few attempts, additions, deletions, more additions, more deletions . . . this is what I’ve got now.

The deep green suede boxes, fabric-lined basket, & two musical dolls are all I have in these green shades, so I wanted to tie them in with the blues of the house.

I added a bit of turquoise from the baby picture frame [for pics of my grandchildren] & the other teal vase with a glittery branch in a bright red.

The little ceramic dish my youngest son made me many, many moons ago & has both blue, green, & turquoise in its pattern.

And yup, that’s my winter toque peeking out on the middle shelf.  🙂  Lady loves this puppy hat — last summer she was forever trying to ‘play’ with it.

One day she ate one of the pretty blue button eyes on one of the matching mittens!  So far she’s only sniffed the hat — hopefully she’ll leave it alone.

I moved the little black fireplace beside the door & mirror.  I had the mirror down as a future project to change its molding but with this blue/white combo, it doesn’t look too bad.

I like the different textures of my straw cowboy hats, silk scarves, sleek enamels of vase & stove, & the delicate tree foliage.

The branches are from the newly-trimmed laurel hedges out back [well, decimated really — more later].  They had little yellow flowers on them & I’m hoping they might bloom again.


Finally, I got my project area organized enough that I could cut some glass.  The frame for the 2nd corner bookcase was ready so I cut the turquoise panels for the door.

Almost complete now — just need to glue the piece of calcite to a screw & then we’ve got a handle.

I had a bit of problem with my glass cutter — it was really gouging & sounded pretty rough.  Oh no, do I need a new diamond wheel?

Hmm, no, it seems there’s a bit of dust & stuff stuck to the oil in there.  [Must get spare wheel in case I do need it — I’ve used this one for years & it must be due to be replaced soon.]

I managed to find a pin small enough to fit in & pulled the big stuff out.  Next cut went much smoother.

Tonight, if all goes well, I’ll have the red glass cut for the bed panel.  Then there’s a few pieces I need to grind a little & I can start the assembly with lead.

I’ve really got to put a little fire under my butt to get this finished.  I’m going to Calgary in early June & I want to have the headboard finished before I leave.  That includes the fabric part & the glass panel part.

There’s no way I want to leave an unfinished panel sitting on my table for over a month & I’m not here to watch over it.  Who knows what accident could befall it with two large dogs playing & a cat who loves to walk on furniture?

Uh, . . . no!

Simply A Dawne Thought



  1. Looking good. Boy you have your work cut out for you in the next month. Yea, I don’t know about leaving glass around for the pets to maybe play and bump it and then it crashes to the floor.

    • Yup, I’ve been a flurry with work but it’s starting to look pretty good around here. Preparing for a long trip is just what I need to keep me on schedule! 😉 And I’m sure all the pets will be happy when things settle down, hee hee. Thanks for your compliment.

      Vanessa Dawne dawnedesign.net

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