So Little Time to Write & Photograph & . . .

Wow, I’ve been so busy creating & organizing that I haven’t had much time to take pictures of everything & then yak about it.  😉

The second corner bookcase is up, looks gorgeous, & amazes me even more than the first one did.

I thought I was prepared — the first one had made quite an impression went it went up by seemingly expanding the room.  But the second one going up was way better than one cat’s one meow [it can actually irritate me when Pardus won’t quit meowing].  🙂

The whole corner opened up–became part of the room instead of hiding in the shadows–and the room seemed to expand even more.  Check out more details & pics at Stained Glass ‘n Stuff.

Cutting the glass for the door was my first job on the new project table — the ole back was feeling fine with the higher height.  And it felt good being in glass production mode.

So, I set to cutting the last of the glass for my bed panels — the brilliant red with yellow streaks through it.

Ah — beautiful. 😮

Oh boy, didn’t I do a happy dance around the house?

You bet!  😆

Well, I was pretty relieved.  I only had a small piece to cut all four rays — there wasn’t much room for misguided cuts.

There’s at least two corners & a few [okay, more than a few] grozier marks to grind but, all-in-all, everything went well.  There were no problems with the ‘streak direction’ & I have a few smaller pieces left-over.  More details & pics are at Dawne Design and Stained Glass ‘n Stuff — please check it out.

Finishing the glass cutting phase meant I could start the assembly phase.  Yahoo — my favourite part is setting up the lead, cutting it, fitting in the pieces, moving on to the next section, & adjusting — until the final corner is done.

First, grinding.  Do I take the pieces out to the garage & not worry about the mess?  Or do I rig a little table in the kitchen & see if I can keep the water & chips contained?  Hmmm, . . . later.  [A procrastinator’s favourite word ;-)]

I’m excited.  I’ve got the two boards out — ready to nail into.  The second cartoon [full-scale pattern for stained glass window] is printed & waiting for me to trim & glue.

Of course, all this moving around of stuff in my project area meant some of it flowed into other parts of the house.  Ah, simply an excuse for me to change things again.  😉

So, quicker than you can say Closet Maid Cubeicals Fabric Drawers™, I had the messy laundry shelves looking tidy.  It’s amazing how much linen is in those babies & there’s tons of room behind for even more sheets & towels & . . .

Of course, now the unfinished painting is even more noticeable.

I’m not really sure why I stopped — I think I was waiting to see how much paint was left before deciding if the shelves were going to be painted blue like the walls, or ivory like the trim.

Well, I have incentive now.

[You know, if I just set aside two, maybe three, days to do nothing but painting, I could probably get the hall, the window trim, & all the doors finished!]

Since I still had a couple of Martha Stewart fabric cubes in the bedroom & needed a couple more, my room-mate quickly made a simple shelf unit for me.  Wow, what a little sweetie [the shelves, not the room-mate, hee hee].  😉

I put it at the end of my bed & used four of Martha Stewart’s turquoise cubes & two ivory ones from Closet Maid.  Yeah — the floor & overflowing hooks were relieved of their misfits.

Now, all my shoes are hidden away but easy to get at — if I need to, I can just put the drawer on the bed.  And I have lots of space for sweaters, painting clothes, etc.

On top, I re-arranged some of the stuff from the corner brass unit, moved in the statue from my side table, & brought out a couple of jewelry boxes from the closet.  Those are my first pair of skates, at 4-yrs-old, hanging from the cupboard.  😎

The grand finale was having the last of my cowboy hats hung.  Yes, that is a cow’s horn hanging there — that blank spot above the tv was begging for something to fill it.  😉

Sometimes I am simply so busy creating that I don’t have time to think straight — never mind write about feelings & current events & Easter Egg hunts with the grand-daughter & getting to the water & stopping Lady from going to the water again, & excitement over my trip to Calgary & . . .

I just have to go with the flow.

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. Wow it’s really looking great. Both corners units look wonderful, the bed panel really is coming together now.

    Not a fan of cube boxes but they look really good in your working table like a nice craft table everybody needs, with the cube boxes holding your stuff for crafts and such.

    What a talent you have!

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