Waiting For the Sun

Sometimes I feel like I am forever trying to achieve an unattainable goal — like reaching the sun.

Then, I need to sit back [or down, as the case may be], review my progress, & set out a plan for the next steps.  Not simply to plan it in my head but to write out the steps, schedule the time, budget the dollars, & visualize the end product.

I hadn’t updated the Photoshop [Ps] rendering of the headboard since before the glass was cut so I got a couple of new straight-on shots of the bed posts & the cut glass for the panels.  [Hmmm, why would I want to straighten the pillows?]

A little scaling, a little drawing, a little duplicating, a little spot healing, & even a little blurring later, I had my vision looking almost real.  Quite pleased with myself, I showed it to my carpenter.

Oh, you put the fabric right to the top.

Now, this might sound like an innocuous remark to you, but last week we had quite a heated discussion about moving the cross-bar & leaving a gap between the glass & fabric.  I thought it was a stupid idea — would not even consider it.

Who knows what was different in the universe but I quickly made the changes “to show how stupid it would look” like this:

Oh, of course!  😆

That’s exactly what it needs!  Man, was I eating crow?

Do dogs bark?

YES — showing a little piece of the wall under the panels lets them stand out as the star & the fabric can retreat into the background as an elegant accessory — not push against the glass as an ambitious competitor.

The whole incident reminded me of a space story my middle son had told me about earlier.  It seems the Americans spent mega $$ & had mega people trying to develop a pen that would work in outer space — a funny thing called gravity wouldn’t allow the ink to flow.

The Russians took up a pencil.

I had been so intent on my concept that I did not — would not — could not — consider another alternative.

As I gazed at the new rendition, I thought the wood now looked a little slim, so, with a little more scaling:

I think that’s got it.

Of course, it’s simply an idea . . .

After a little discussion — not so heated this time — do I really want the wood on top of the fabric?

Okay, now that might be it.

Of course, it’s simply an idea . . .

What do you think?

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. Looking good!!
    I like the wood between the stain glass then open and then wood and then fabric. Then 2nd photo is the one I prefer. But that is just me. The 3rd one feels like something is missing.

    My view only so don’t take it to heart.

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