Sunshine & Pup Brighten Day

😉  Lady Daisy May peeks into the house from the porch — making sure I’m still where she left me.

Ah, beautiful sunny days — I can leave the doors & windows open — a slight breeze from the ocean freshens the air.  I love it.

Lady loves the freedom to go in & out from the porch — all the more chance to chase the cat up his ladder.

The porch is enclosed but the windows are clear plastic instead of glass [my next project].  A couple of them have small rips in them –but hey, they let the fresh air in but not the rain.  😉

The big rip in the porch door is blocked with wood so the dogs can’t get out but the cat can.  Oh boy, Lady does not like that!  Why does he get freedom?  And why don’t you make him stay in the yard?

By the end of summer, there might be enough temporary fencing to try leaving the porch door open also.  For now, it’s kept closed — but you can bet she skips out as soon as I open it.

Of course Pardus loves having his window kept open.  He comes & goes as his royal highness pleases.  There’s even been a couple nights when it was warm enough to leave it open all night long — yeah, no 5:00 a.m. wake-up call to let him in from his nightly prowl!  😎

Sometimes I think the only time I see him is when I find him sleeping on one of his favourite spots or he needs nourishment.

The other day I pulled out my handy-dandy clean-clothes basket under the bed & put a couple pair of sweats into it.  Low & behold, there was a big furry lump laying beside them.  Oh, hello Pardus.  😀

Not a meow out of him — I don’t think he even raised his head.  I slipped the basket, & him, back under the bed — who knows when I saw him next.

They give me joy with their antics — with their distinct personalities.  Lady sticks to me like glue, listens faithfully, cuddles, kisses, provides a great back rest, & is ready to play at a moment’s notice.

This house is wonderful when the sun shines through the huge windows in the living room.  Everywhere is bright — with the door open even the normally gloomy hall gets more light.

Stained glass sparkles in my project table, the glass doors of the corner bookcases, & even the test piece sitting in the end window.  🙂

I find the colours extremely uplifting — the soft blue of the water on the walls is the perfect backdrop for many colours.

The pine of the furniture units blends with the ivory on trim & project table — an important part of keeping it all light & bright.

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