Lovin’ those Changes


With two work boards & a lead holder inside on my project table, I set up one of the bed panel patterns to start leading.

The most tedious part is making sure the first corner is square — if it’s not, the whole panel will be out of whack.

The wider lead came on the outside edges is held in place with ‘horseshoe’ nails & aluminum square-edged plates [from Morton].  I tried to find some wood pieces but most of it is quite thick — too much for me to nail through!

I’m also making changes to my websites.  For this one, Dawne Thoughts, I want to keep the posts shorter, on subjects related to society — á la this popular post Broken Promises Break Trust.  There will be more thoughts on pets, nature, philosophy, people, . . .

I’m sure I’ll mention stained glass & design projects here but most of the details & images will be at Dawne Design where I’m making changes for a cleaner style that allows a nicer & easier way of displaying images.

One of those ways is a slideshow where a number of images rotate for viewing.  The theme I’ve chosen also has ‘gallery’ type posts which provide a thumbnail image & the first few lines on the home page.  Much less scrolling needed.

I’m also quite pleased with a much cleaner presentation of my own gallery of work — check it out at Dawne Design Gallery.

I’m making the site changes slowly so I can spend as much time as I can on finishing the bed panels.

I’ll cut & glue the 2nd pattern & square off the top-left corner to setup the lead cames along the respective edges — just like the first one.

Then, tickety-boo — fit a glass piece, grind if necessary, measure a lead piece, nail in place, move on to next glass piece, . . . until I reach the bottom-right corner to finish leading both panels.

Simply A Dawne Thought


LUV Your Thoughts . . .

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