Glass Panels Progress to Soldering Stage

Yahoo  😆

The leading is finished on my bed panels!

I can now move onto the next assembly process — soldering all the meeting places in the lead came.

Notice the two [2] differences between the panels?

Two areas didn’t go quite as planned — the first one was my Yellow Hiccup [here].  Thus the left yellow ray in A [immediately above] has the flow going across the ray rather than along it.

The second one?  Hint:  It’s also in the yellow in A.

Yup, see the little piece of lead running across the right ray in A [left]?

I had a problem when inserting it into the lead channels — it’s a bit of a wedge getting the top of it in between the left side & the white triangle in the right corner.

There’s 3 corner points with 4 sides where the glass has to fit into the lead came.

As I was tilting the glass a bit to insert it into the groove, I was also pushing.  Next thing I knew, I had broken off the bottom point of the yellow ray — eeek!

Thank goodness it was in once piece — I cut a small piece of lead & the yellow glass still fit fine.  Now this panel had two ‘unplanned changes’.

It almost had a third — the dark blue on the bottom right was too short.  But I still have some of this blue glass so I was able cut another piece to fit.

But that extra lead line in that yellow ray really bugged me.  [Of course, if this had been a client’s window, I would have picked up another piece of yellow to cut the left ray with the flow along it.  Then, I’d have a larger piece of yellow left over to recut the right one now.  Both problems easily solved.]

I’m interested in trying some 3D soldering, so I got out my art box to see what I could come up with:


A good idea, but . . .

The unicorn [left] is painted balsa — too childish.

The leopard [right] is copper & suits the window much better — but, a leopard in the sun rays?  Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Then I went looking for the little container where I’d been stashing all sorts of pieces of old or broken jewelry — I had just the thing . . .

a butterfly!  😀

It’s a little metal mesh brooch — the back body of the butterfly has a little pin closure that’s been broken for quite a few years.

I love this sturdy, bejewelled little butterfly.  I’ve had it for mega years — must be more than 30 now.  Since my first name, Vanessa, means butterfly in Greek, I do tend to collect a few of them in all sorts of materials.

I think this butterfly is perfect for this idea:

  • with a little raised pin underneath, I can solder it to the short lead came
  • it’s golden colour melds nicely with the yellow ray yet it’s 3D effect raises it into our viewpoint
  • it’s very light — the little ‘jewels’ are tiny chips — so it won’t pull on the panel nor overpower the area
  • the metal suits the lead metal

So, that’s the plan.  😉

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. They look great, I didn’t really notice the flow until I went and looked at both. But did notice the lead in the yellow.

    What if you paint the lead spot in the yellow with a metallic yellow or gold?

    So you will be down by the time you go to Calgary.
    Great Job!

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