Bed Panels Ready But Where’s My Iron?

Woohoo!  😆

I finished soldering, puttying, & then cleaned both panels with whiting so they really sparkle.

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It was hard enough to leave the panels flat for a day to let the putty dry — now I need to put up the fabric part before the panels can be installed.

Have the backboard cut.  Have the foam cut & glued to the board.  Have the staples for the staple gun.  Have the fabric but it has a few wrinkles.  So, my oh my, where is my iron?

Seriously, I want to see these babies up.  I tried steaming the fabric in the shower but we still have wrinkles.  So, it’s off to the Sally Ann to see if they have a cheap iron.

Wish me luck.  😎

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. Holy cow! The colors really come alive now.
    They look great, and the butterfly looks good and blends well with the bed panels.

    I love the white and the swirl of color it looks so nice and vibrate!

    Good luck on the iron.

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