Prepping Pots for Plants

While at Canadian Tire to get a few more plants [flowers for me & veggies for my room-mate] to go in the gardens outside, I saw this beautiful red-leafed begonia for indoors.

Since I’d already picked up a can of Krylon spray paint in a beautiful turquoise, I decided to paint an old brown pot — with cute elephants — for the begonia’s new home.


It fits in quite nicely on my bedside table by the window.  The mostly red leaves go well with the glass & red petals of the big daisy.

The light turquoise pot blends with the wall colour, while it ties in both the darker turquoise vase & the light green edges of the begonia leaves.  Not one of my previous indoor plants survived living in the RV so it’s wonderful to be able to start some more here.

With a beautiful sun holding off the rain until evening, I got out my other pots for a much-needed sprucing up.

I was especially pleased that Canadian Tire had Clematis vine in 4″ pots for $2.49.  Ever since I came to the Isle I’ve wanted to grow one of these babies.

So, I got a couple Jackmanii Clematis which have large purple flowers.  I have an old rusty plant holder that only has one pot left — perfect to start a vine — so they both got sprayed turquoise.  Hmmm, the Clematis grows 8 to 20 feet — maybe I could lead it up over the porch?


I know the Clematis needs to have it’s roots in the shade but the rest of it likes the sun, so I got a Purple Rain [polemonium yezoense] — a perennial that grows to about 2 feet & has fern-like foliage.  It has small blue-violet flowers, with purple leaves that fade to deep green then silver — cool.


I was thinking of putting a couple small white annuals in like anemone or something, until I saw these neat little guys.  These are the CelosiaKimono mix’ — they have cool spike-like flowers & grow to about 6″ so they make a nice border flower.

I got enough to put 2-3 in the planter & a few to edge my little front garden.  The tag says they bloom all season long so they’ll provide some really bright colour.

While I was at it, I painted my favourite vase that had turned a really dirty blue & just wouldn’t come clean.  I left it with just a little ‘grunge’ showing through for that weathered ‘shabby chic’ look.

This vase usually resides inside but I might find a place for it on the porch — hmmm, later — I’ll see how many cut flowers my little garden will provide this summer.

All-in-all, I was quite impressed with how far this little $5 Krylon can of spray paint went.  It has a cool nozzle that works from assorted angles so it was quite easy to work my way around the pots & paint into all the little cracks of the rusty old metal stand.

I could see this stuff working for all sorts of indoor & outdoor stuff . . . like my old wicker chair, my well-worn desk stool, wooden planters, . . .  I might just go a little spray-paint crazy this summer.  😀

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