Countdown to Long Trip

Ooooh, 6 more sleeps & I’ll be flying off to Calgary for 5 weeks.  Funny how a month ago, it seemed so far away, but now it’s rushing up pretty fast.

And, of course, Mother Nature is getting ready for my visit by bringing some really crappy weather to the Calgary area.  Last year I arrived on April 29th, for my Mom & Dad’s birthday, to a raging snowstorm — literally freezing for most of the 3 weeks I was there.

Now, what’s happening this year?  Major rain with threatening floods near High River & parts of Calgary.  Oh great!  And Calgary doesn’t get warm rain like we do here on the Isle — it’s C-O-L-D.

How many times have I heard from my Alberta relatives, “oh, I couldn’t live on the coast — it always rains & that’s depressing.”  Huh?  Sure, we have rain — during the winter season.  Otherwise, we have a moderate temperature all-year long & can even have drought conditions during the summer [ironic when you’re surrounded by salt water]!

So, you can bet I’ve been taking advantage of the lovely weather we have here.  I planted the Clematis Jackmanii, Polemonium yezoense Purple Rain, & a few Celosia Kimono Mix in my newly refurbished planter.  It looks quite nice by the blue lawn chairs & even my grand-daughter’s little pink chair pops like the little celosia.


You can also bet that I’ll miss my sweet Black Labrador, Lady Daisy May.  She usually goes absolutely everywhere with me so I’ll miss our morning greeting, playing in the yard, swimming in the ocean, holding hands while we dance, & her cute howl when she’s trying to talk to me.

While picking up dog & cat food for them while I’m away, I saw this cute tag of a Black Lab going on vacation.  Ah, perfect!  My wardrobe bag is the same as twenty million other flyers so now I’ll be able to spot it a lot easier on those airport carousels.

I was prepared to wear sandals & pack a few summer clothes — it sounds like I better make sure I have plenty of socks [oh, what a disaster last year when I only took two pair], closed shoes [eek!], & sweaters.  Hmmm, I haven’t worn my rain jacket for awhile — do I really have to bring that too?

Surely, June will be a little nice in Calgary.  Pretty please?  😉

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