D-Day for Calgary


Yipes, that means today is my version of D-Day:


This is the day I switch over — from beautifying projects around the house like this wonderfully HUGE planter with a lovely assortment of flowers & veggies — to do all that stuff necessary to prepare for a trip.  Like:

  • get out the big wardrobe suitcase from the garage, clean it & let it air out for a day  😐
  • finish the laundry & set aside the clothes I’ll need — hah, of course that means I have to DECIDE what clothes to take  😉
  • find my little cosmetic bags — hmmm, not under the bathroom sink so heaven only knows where they are  😛
  • recharge batteries for all sorts of electronic gadgets & pack their units in my computer bag [my carry-on]  😎
  • pack a book & the June issue of Style at home [ooh,  I’m dying to peek, but I haven’t] in my computer bag — a little treat for the plane  🙂
  • start the pile for ‘things I can’t forget to pack‘ — this year I’ve got this wonderfully-large & totally cleaned off project table to sort this out  😀
  • take the empty bottles to the depot, then the recycling & garbage to the dump  😮
  • continue cleaning up areas of the house with assorted piles of books & papers waiting for a home [or simply a place to hide]  😆
  • . . .

Yup, Do-Day — so I’m not running around scrambling the day before I leave.  EEK

I really like to come home to a clean house when I’ve been away so I’m making sure all this organizing has not gone to waste & pretty well everything can be put away neat & tidy.

Still, there’s lots of time to enjoy the beauty of the Isle.

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I know after a month of up-and-down Calgary weather, I’ll appreciate the wonderful, relatively-stable, temperate climate we have here.

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