When is Spring Coming to Calgary?

Yup, I’m in Calgary — where the weather can change from freezing rain to hot sun in a matter of a couple hours.  Well, that’s only happened twice — otherwise it’s cold rain.

Flying in, I noticed how high the Bow River is — almost flood conditions.  Yeah, the dry prairie needs water, but we don’t need to go swimming in it.

At home on the Isle [where we have spring at spring-time & summer at summer-time], my plants are doing wonderfully — the plants here are struggling.

Helping my sister move is certainly an adventure.  Two hours driving because we have to cross the city each trip.  Field after field of grass with nary a sign of a tree.  Of course Calgarians love their trees — they try to plant them everywhere — but that doesn’t mean they grow like ours on the west coast.

And people!  My, oh my, there’s a lot of people here — around a million, last I heard.  So with all those people come mega houses, cars, shopping malls, light-rail transit — busy, busy, busy.

I hardly recognize the N.W. part of the city [where I was brought up] because it’s spread so far — are they at Banff yet?  New 6- & 8-lane ‘streets’ [a major freeway in my mind] are everywhere.  New communities with names like Cittadel & Kincora & others where my directions get all messed up.

The other day we were driving along Stoney Trail & I suddenly realized we were approaching Olympic Park from the west.  Huh?  That used to be the end of the city — now it’s practically surrounded with new neighbourhoods.

It is nice to see family & visit with my nieces & great-nieces & great-nephews, but I sure miss the quiet country & the calming, WARM ocean.  I miss the 5-minute trip to the grocery store & the short line-ups.  I miss going out in my yard & not seeing any neighbours.  Of course I miss the weather.

So, yes, I’ll help my sister & have fun with the younger members of my large family — it’s important to visit in person.  But I’m still very glad I left cow-town when it grew so large — this land-lubber has found peace by the ocean.

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