Glass Work — Island Style


Glass Window Shutters / Wall Art

Gorgeous, eh?

I couldn’t help myself —

I know I said the shutters were going to be in shades of blue —

but when I got home from Calgary & saw the grooved frames sitting there empty, waiting for glass,

I simply couldn’t resist sizing my leftover sheets against the bright holes in the window.

I was a little surprised that I had enough blue & white to do a whole shutter but I wasn’t too keen on the double blue all on one side nor the top-heaviness — both upper doors of the corner bookcases are that same blue.

The sheet of rippled orange was plenty large enough to cover the larger space — it’s gorgeous light adds a warmth that the cool blues & white can’t.

So, instead of having to spend $80-100 for a couple sheets of co-ordinating blue glass, I only needed to buy one $40 sheet.  By placing scraps of glass in the grooves, I decided the same yellow, with white & orangey-red flow, would tie in both the orange & the iridescent shimmer on the white glass.

I absolutely love them!  I love their simplicity.  I love how well they fulfill their intended purposes:

  • cut the glare of the sun but not block it;
  • provide privacy at night;
  • open to allow a view outside the window;
  • add a little insulation against winter winds;
  • look beautiful on the wall;
  • easily removable;

and even a few benefits I didn’t think of:

  • uses very little wood;
  • installation requires only a few screws — no nails or hardware;
  • provides extra security on window;
  • the hollyhocks from outside peek through the clear & white glass.

I love how much beauty they add to the outside of the old place:

It’s hard to believe there’s a trailer hitch under there somewhere!

Inside, the tree definitely has to be moved — I want to see all of the glass whether the shutters are open or closed.  And I haven’t decided on a finish for the wood yet — leaning towards a clear Varathane or similar product.

There was no lead, or solder, or putty — simply cutting the sheets [no mistakes allowed 😉 ], sliding them into the grooves, & screwing the frame top/bottom back into place.  I could even change colours anytime I like.

The frames sit on two plastic sliders that allow the shutter to easily slide along the wood.  So simple but works perfectly.

A 1″x3″ hides the sliders — I was a little worried that the weight of the glass would disrupt the flow but, if anything, the extra weight stops the frames from rattling.

I’d love to try this sliding idea on another window — but hmmm, where do I have enough wall space?  Perhaps if it could slide up & down — ah, another project in the works?

In the meantime, I’ve been itching to do some leading.  Made some inserts for a couple of neat planters & started a window for the porch — more to come on these projects.

I’m sitting back & enjoying my glass view.

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