Glass Makes Planters Extra Special



Along with cutting & grooving the shutter frames while I was away, my carpenter also made a couple of unusual planters — sort of R2D2 look-alikes.


I love the raised legs — allowing me to water & weed without bending — but they also bring the bright flowers up to eye level when sitting on the garden chairs.

In the second planter, he left a grooved section for me to insert glass — of course, what else would I want to put with wood?

I used scrap pieces that I had of two different blues & a couple smaller pieces of yellow.  I used a small piece of ½” lead between each piece.

I placed the dirt a little above the glass line but not covering it all.  This will be an experiment to see what the glass looks like with dirt on it but also to see how the plant roots do.

I wanted a bit more of a challenge, so I started on a larger section for another planter.  I used larger scrap pieces & created a mosaic design with ¼” leading.

This time I started with two fairly-large pieces — an orange & a brown.  Then I filled in the remaining spots with yellow, a little red, & even a very small piece of white.

Also, because I really, really didn’t like the dark brown stain from our seemingly-never-empty can, I picked up a semi-transparent wood stain in a lighter ‘honey walnut’.

Although not an ivory or cream, I really like the nice golden tone this stain brings to our simple pine or spruce wood — & the transparency allows knots to show through.  I can’t wait to see the colours of the glass & the flowers in the garden pop against this lighter & more natural wood colour.

I’m ready to make the other panel but first, I need lead.  So, it’s off to Glass-Smiths I go.

Simply A Dawne Thought


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  1. Looks really good! I would line the bottom of the wooden planter with a strong plastic to preserve the planter. As in a couple of years with the dirt and water the planter will fall apart.

    Don’t want to loose those planters as they are orginal.

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