Glass & Dogs fill Weekend

Yahoo, what a busy, fun-filled weekend!


Finished off a third planter Saturday but, now, I’m wondering . . .

is it almost too pretty to put dirt in?

Nah, it’s destined for annuals, . . . just maybe not right away, . . .


Onto other news:

On Sunday, I had loads of fun meeting up with Lady Daisy May’s sister, Princess [both turned 2-years-old on June 30th] & a group of Princess’s pups who turned 1-year-old on July 7th & 8th, for a little birthday celebration.

I’ve got tons of pics of far-away groups of dogs & partly blurred heads & tails so it’ll take a couple days for me to get some decent ones up on the site.  [Also, a few other cameras were out so perhaps we’ll collect the best shots into a mini-album, eh.]

All of the dogs were wonderful & it was absolutely thrilling for me to see them ‘all grown up’.  More to come.

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