Fee Fi Fo Fum

Oh my, sometimes a week can go by so quickly.  And it’s funny how each day can be filled with activity yet my to-do list gets ever longer.

Although still mild temperatures, a bit of dreary weather dampened my world — not enough to stop me from having the windows & doors open but enough that I couldn’t spray paint.

You’d think it would be a good time to get some computer work done — still trying to finish something on the puppy celebration from the 10th.  But I found my mood dampened by my window view:

The landlord is preparing the building site for their new home  — on the water half of the property, beside [or maybe, on] the old garage/workshop.  They needed to move their 5th wheel, normally hidden by these gorgeous 80-100 year-old cedars:

who, unfortunately sit [oops, pardon me, . . . sat] upon the little hill:

Yikes, that’s a lot of tree!!  I could not step far enough away, without falling off the cliff above the ocean, to get all of them in my camera’s view.


A Lot Of Tree

A  L O T

A bit of sun was peeking through some of the whiter clouds so, I took a walk around the rest of the place with these two:

and found lots of pretty blooms like hollyhocks, geraniums, thistles, clemantis, & the purple trumpets on the vines over the arbor.

These huge thistles against the house are almost ready to bloom.  Yes, I allow some to grow around the property — it’s my Scottish heritage.  😉

They were getting crowded by grass, inspiring me to mow a bit of the lawn.  There’s tons of little yellow daisies throughout it so I left some areas to grow wild.  I got quite a bit done before I got tired of cleaning out the blower vent — too much tall, damp stuff going through it.  😛

I had to end my coffee break when I noticed a few rain sprinkles on the window — yikes, I better get the lawn mower put away!  I really enjoyed the ‘chore’ of mowing with our new cords — we needed two 50-metre ones to cover all the yard.  They’re in a really cool lime-green colour which was quite easy to see among the grass & other assorted goodies.

Still not in the mood for much computer work, I set about reworking the design for the porch windows.  Some of my pictures had shown that when standing, my eyes would be looking the through the darker red section rather than the lighter white & blue sides, so . . .



I cut the white piece, leaded the edges, soldered it, & puttied both sides.  The next day I cleaned it off with the whiting powder.  Bing, bang, boom.


The leading for the mosaic section I had been working on needed to be re-sized — then I worked scrap pieces of brown, red, orange, & yellow glass so these darker colours could form the side section.  I’ve soldered & puttied it — now it can sit for a day or so to dry.



I’m quite pleased with the design but not with my cutting skills — there’s a few spots where I had to fill in some lead, ending up with a bigger blob of solder that resembles a cocoon.

I’m excited now to be starting the blue section that will go above these two — another chance to practice cutting glass.

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