Just a Little Change Needed

Last night when I finally when to bed last night [hmm, excuse me, it was 2 a.m. so it was morning], I had finished cutting & leading the blue glass section of the porch window so it looked like this:

It was okay — but the large square of blue on the right & the yellow circle on the left bothered me.  All alone, the yellow looked like the sun — although it represents sunlight, it is not THE sun.  And the big blue one was just too big & square — it needed a bit of personality.

Before I could go to sleep, I found a yellow piece & roughly cut it to the proper height.  I left it sitting on top & left the choice to my dreams.

And yup, when I awoke, the decision had been made — I cut the big blue piece to fit in a small piece of yellow.  Now the whole section is balanced in size & colour:

After I soldered both sides, I needed to double-check the fit — oooh, looking good:


Now I’ll putty it & leave it for a day or so to dry — then we can hang it in the porch.

Of course, first, we have to find the right hinges — which means a trip to Lee Valley in Victoria.


Oh yeah, I LOVE Lee Valley.


And since I also need more lead & a piece of white glass to start on the right window, I can also stop at Glass-Smiths.  While I’m there, I want to ask Carol to sign me up for a course they’re holding in the fall on decorative soldering.

Since adding on the wire butterfly to my headboard, I’ve been thinking more about soldering techniques to add another dimension to my work.  I’ve got some really neat metal ornaments from belts that I’d like to incorporate into a window or two.

At least solder & flux doesn’t cost much — a roll & tin go a really long way.  But whoa, along with the higher-costing stained glass, lead came is also expensive — it can run $15-30 per window section.

This is when I wish I grew a money tree, or bought lottery tickets, or had some sort of Sugar Daddy, hee hee.  😆

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