Too Much to Keep Up With

My, oh, my, what a beautiful day —

😉 there’s a bluebird on my shoulder. **

Luminescent colour in the shadows.

Whew, after a long, HOT daytrip to Vancouver, it is so nice to putter around here — maybe even try to get caught up on my computer work — hmmm, maybe, . . . if a bluebird doesn’t call me away.  😉

My ever-patient-with-my-unsquare-edges carpenter [whom I’ve given the misnomer of Mr. Redneck Carpenter, or Reddie] finished the frame for the second window so I grabbed a couple pics while he was testing the fit.  Too cool.  😎

I’ve started the second blue section — then this baby can be hung beside her sister!

It had been on hold for a couple days — left at 6 a.m. Saturday for Vancouver & not back until midnight.  It was interesting being back in the big, big city but man, we spent too many hours driving through bumper-to-bumper traffic or waiting for the ferry.  Way too many.

Necessary for my friend to deal with some pre-arranged business, I got in a very quick trip to Ikea [can you believe 20 minutes to get in, follow the winding road past displays, carry our goodies along the very long shortcut route, self-scan, pay, & get out?] — to add more of their great white metal magazine holders [2 for $10] to what I already bought in Calgary.

The trip also included an unscheduled stop to visit my friend’s daughter at the Lions Club Easter Seal House.  [Motel-like rooms are provided for parents & children from all over British Columbia who need the medical services of the Vancouver Childrens’ Hospital.]

Less than a week ago, her first child was born 6 weeks premature in Nanaimo Hospital, here on the Isle.  But on day three, the 4 lb. 6 oz. beautiful girl was in distress, so she was heliported to the mainland where they have the best surgeons in Canada for children.

Before even six days old, the little babe sailed through a heart-valve operation & another operation for her intestines.  Now, time will tell — let’s hope for the best & pray for her pain to end.

I see these new parents & how precious life is — to each one of us.  The line can be tenuous, the ride rocky — but life is beautiful — so enjoy every minute of it.

I’m going to jump right back into window making — I certainly have enough plastic ones to replace!

But I also have to get more disciplined about writing on my sites — I still haven’t posted about the puppy celebration & I’m quite woe-behind about my trip to Calgary.  And I’ve finished two, almost three, projects but haven’t finished their Dawne Design stories or even put up a picture on my gallery.

And boy, do I ever owe a lot of people emails — sister, brother, nieces, grandson, daughter-in-law, friends, . . .  And, I’ve a lot of house projects started but still left to finish, like painting, . . . and . . . and . . .

Hopefully this week will be less hectic than last so I can catch up a bit.  But every moment of life is worth celebrating so I’m going to have lots of fun simply living.

Simply A Dawne Thought

** from Song of the South — check out some interesting stuff about this wonderful Disney movie at Wikipedia.  Do you know why Uncle Remus, the actor James Baskett, could not attend the movie opening in Atlanta, Georgia?  Because of racial segregation, he would not have been allowed to attend social events!!!


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