Lots of Summer Still to Enjoy

All around me, preparations are being made for the coming of autumn — back-to-school sales, goslings learning to fly, little quail not so little anymore, spring/early-summer flowers losing blooms.

Yet many flowers are still going strong or just starting to bloom — long-term projects are progressing well & new projects are being started.

Summer is still happening — with many weeks of rainless weather ahead.

I’ve managed to fit quite a lot in the month since returning from the crazy ups & downs of helping little sis move in Calgary.

1-Yr Puppy Celebration

Almost before I could catch a breath, Sunday, July 10th arrived — along with a bit of cloud & chill to the air.  Oh, please don’t let it rain — at least not until after the afternoon gathering of the 1-yr pups from my dog’s sister, Princess.

Most of my pics are like this — a blur of heads & tails!  Thankfully, Janet sent me some wonderful photos from the day.  Our attempt at a group photo:

Well, we got 4 pups & Auntie Daisy.  🙂

Janet got a wonderful picture of me handing out treats — with Great-Grandma Missy [brown], Mom Princess [far right], Auntie Daisy [mid], & George — the biggest pup of all:

And then there were the yellow-blondes — buddies when they were 5 weeks old,

they were often found playing together again:

There were lots of black dogs, the gorgeous yellows, a brown representing Grandma Truffels [died July 1, 2009] & Great-Grandma Missy, but only one mixed pup — Tucker, who delighted in chasing his aunt:

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day but most precious for me was seeing the little pups from last year all grown up.  😎  See pics from last summer at Pups at Play.

Stained Glass Projects

I jumped right into cutting glass.  😆

Reddie, my bored redneck carpenter, had all the frames ready for the sliding shutters that co-ordinate with the corner bookcases to complete my ‘Wall of Glass’.

He also had a second triangle planter almost finished — simply waiting for me to fill each side with some much prettier glass.

That led to a third planter with even more glass & a much nicer stain on the wood.  Of course, later, I painted the tallest, dark brown one a pretty blue — still itching to paint the little dark one but that means taping the glass — hmmm, later. . .

Pursuing the mosaic design, I used mostly glass scraps–bought a small sheet of brown & a large sheet of white–to make the first set [of ‘uber‘ many] windows for the porch.  Drum roll, please . . .  😉

Beautiful any time of the day.  😎

Perfect for checking on Lady & Mollie.  😀

I love them!  Seriously L-O-V-E  😆

I love having them open:

I love having them closed:

Hmmm, I think the exterior really needs a paint job, eh?  😉

But hey, summer is not over yet –we’re only halfway through.  There’s still lots of fine weather to enjoy with the doors & windows open — still lots of work to do when rain won’t damper the process.

Future Stained Glass Projects

I have two doors &, hmm, let’s see . . . only EIGHT more sets of windows to make for the porch:

I’m working on a few designs for the other window pairs — first, a simple, mostly-clear window for the main porch door.  I’ve got everything I need — the glass, lead, & even some zinc for the border.

But my project table is a bit messy right now — my new bookcase is being built & the wire shelves I was using need to be painted & then incorporated in as shelves.  So, I’ll have to hold off on window-making for a couple of days — but not for long, because . . . big, big drum roll here please, . . . 😆

I’m extremely excited to be offered the chance at my first commissioned piece in stained glass for Dawne Design — a medium-sized mosaic in beautiful blues.

I need to make a few conception drawings in Photoshop for the presentation near the end of the month.

Then, if all goes well, I’ll be working on this in early September.  😆

Right now, I’m off to finish the window for the porch door.  It’s mostly clear but I am doing a bit of a fancy border for it.  Oooh, can’t wait.

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