Hungry Visitors

Hmm, someone enjoyed a delicious dinner last night:

OMG  😆

and this:

Now, yesterday, I was thinking I should get a picture of the geraniums because the red plant [hmmm, what is its name?] had grown so much & had so many large, delightful, red leaves on it.

Of course I didn’t.  😦

On August 3rd, it looked like this:

Yeah, quite a difference — eek!

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have moved the planter?

At least I only lost one plant — my room-mate fared even worse.

A couple nights ago, the tomatoes out back got munched — but we knew they were in the deer’s path so their fate was uncertain from the beginning.

The broccoli was in the front, which is closed in by more trees, so we thought they were safe . . .  If you look close, you can see a couple tiny ones left:

Not much of a meal left for us.  😐

I couldn’t find a recent pic of the broccoli, but can you believe they were almost as big as these guys?


That’s cauliflower on the left & broccoli on the right!

This planter managed to survive the attack — probably because it has trees, lawn chairs, & barbeque around it –>

Not enough room for the tubbies or they’d be sure to wake the dogs!  😎

All the leaves have been neatly bitten off — the plants are not disturbed.  So, it’s not Mr. Bear, nor Mom & Baby Racoon, . . . that means it’s Big Mr. Deer [whom the dogs dream of meeting].

I sure hope Mr. Deer, or maybe even the whole Deer family, enjoyed these delights.

Now, we do have to add a couple of Magical Garden fences at the other end of the house — not only to keep the dogs in, but to keep the plant-munching critters out!  😀

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