A Nana’s Thoughts

My little sweetie, playing in her garden, wearing her favourite clothes.  [Beautiful photograph by her wonderful mom.]

Over the past few days, I’ve had a wonderful conversation with my 12-yr-old grandson in northern B.C., a delightful visit with my 22-mth-old grand-daughter in Victoria, & a chance to babysit her while her parents took a much-needed break.

I realize now why I loved my own Nana so much — there is no love as deep as that of a grand-parent.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’ve experienced many types of love through the years — from the passionate love for a partner to the do-anything-to-protect love of a mother — but none have compared in depth to the delightful, yet what-am-I-leaving-them, responsible kind of love I feel for my wondrous grandchildren.

I relish absolutely every moment with these miracles — children of my children.  I want to spend more time on the phone or playing in person while also aware I cannot be greedy.  They need their time & space to grow & learn — to become themselves.

But I know that it is important I am involved in their lives — to provide different viewpoints; fun escapes; life-long memories; easy laughter; ageless wisdom; & especially, unconditional love.

I find I am even more concerned about the world they will be inheriting than I was with my own children.  I get even more angry at those who continue to pollute, destroy habitat, & harm nature.

Is that because I feel my time is getting shorter?  Because I haven’t seen the big corporations change?  Because we are losing more — trees, animals, ocean, air, land — each day?

All I know is that I must do my best to leave as small a footprint as possible on this gorgeous earth.  I must help others to learn to do the same.

If I can lessen my impact — perhaps even improve what I find — perhaps, . . . perhaps, my grandchildren, & their grandchildren, & their grandchildren — will inherit a world as beautiful as my own.

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