Exciting Startup Week

Porch door at night  [Dawne Design — Project 14]

Wooh, it’s been a busy, exciting week & the gorgeous weather simply makes it all the more enjoyable. I finished the window for the porch door & am impressed.  The design worked out great — a little fancy around the plain — with a serviceable window to see through.

Glass superior over plastic.

Then I had a couple of wonderful trips to Glass-Smith gearing up for the next set of porch windows & my first commission presentation. Of course I got glass — two clear textured [same as door], a couple of yellows, a gorgeous green, a pretty turquoise, & a few blues for my potential client to choose from.

I put some of them up in the living room windows to see how they look in different lights:

While the green is out for my current project, there’s a really pretty blue opaque stacked in the project table awaiting it’s first cut:

I’ve already cut some off a couple sheets of clear textured for my next window — representing a tree.  I love the way the textures look like the bark:

I did a bit of a pattern in Photoshop to mark the edges & the tree with its branches — otherwise I penciled in lines to approximately place the green glass.

These four windows are going to be mostly clear because this set faces the door — gotta check on the dogs out in the yard through them.  The two stationary ones on the outside will represent a tree trunk while the two inside ones will be sliders representing the ends of the branches.

On top of that I’ve been doing lots of computer work [obviously not writing here] like  determining software for time management & accounting.  I’m trying the free ones first — using ‘freshbooks‘ now for projects & setting up Gnucash for my business accounts.

Lots of fun to come.

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