Ten Year Tragedy

It’s been ten years since I stood in horror & watched thousands of innocent people die.

[photo by Sara K. Schwittek]

I was just starting a new life — in my mid-40s, attaining a life-long goal of attending university.  I was getting ready to go to class & had my tiny t.v. on the local weather/news channel with the volume off when I saw black plumes of smoke coming off the first tower.

I turned up the volume to find out it was our American neighbours in New York but the horror only grew as I watched another plane fly in to hit the second tower.  Oh my God, what is happening?

The horror of the day got worse when I heard of the crash into the Pentagon.  Thousands of innocent, unsuspecting humans destroyed — a city, a country, almost brought to its knees — almost.

And even though I don’t know a single soul in New York City or Washington, the attacks felt personal.  Just a few nights prior, I had watched a show about a young man who had worked hard to overcome gangs in his neighbourhood, drugs, poor education, & poverty to become a marine working at the pentagon.

Now, all of a sudden, I worried for him — was he on duty?  Did he make it out okay?  Does his family know?  He DID NOT DESERVE this.  Imagine — thousands & thousands of tortured souls from the fateful events of that day.

Religious attacks are pure craziness — no-one, ABSOLUTELY NO HUMAN BEING, knows what or who God, or the Force, or whatever you want to call it, is or thinks or wants from us.

My God says . . .” is used far too often to cover up cultural intolerance, arrogance, greed, & bigotry.  Then a war is too easily declared — only to cover up atrocious acts of torture, rape, murder — genocide.

I am certainly no expert in world politics & heaven knows I have always, always, been glad to have been born in this smaller-political-fish country where we have lots of land & very few people [I know, we pay for it with our Canadian winters!].

So, my heart goes out to people of the United States of America — they did not deserve this.  Not since Pearl Harbour has there been such an atroxious, undeclared act of war on North American soil.  This was a horrible, pre-meditated act of crime lacking all human civility & my heart breaks.

[photo by Sara K. Schwittek]

I cannot offer any wise words to bring peace to our whole world but if anything, these past 10 years have strengthened my belief — I can spread my peace around my own little part of the world who can spread it even further.  If enough little parts continue to reach out to other parts, maybe peace will surround the entire world of our grandchildren or great-granchildren or . . .

Simply A Dawne Thought


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