My First Commission Work


The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.

Arnold J. Toynbee

Completed panel, “Blue Menagerie”, leaning in my window prior to delivery.


I completed my first commission in stained glass art.

And the client really loves it!  She said it’s better than she imagined.

Closeup of abstract duck in left corner.

My client requested an abstract blue & yellow panel similar to a section she saw in a picture of my mosaic windows.  She loves ducks & liked the way the yellow looked like a duck’s bill.  So we determined I would ‘hide’ a duck in the abstract.

Before I got to the duck though . . .

My black lab, “Lady”, hiding in the right corner.

The first pieces I leaded in ended up looking like a bust of Lady Daisy May — how did I end up doing that?  So, once we had a dog & a duck, we needed a whale, . . .

Blue whale in top right corner.  Do you see his eye?

and since Vanessa [my first name] means butterfly in Greek, I soldered a glittery metallic one at the top.  My client says it’s a beautiful signature & completes the piece.

Closeup of butterfly soldered at joints.

I feel empowered — full of self-confidence.  I questioned my choices so many times along the way.  Hmmm, I like this, but will my client?

Turns out she did!!!  😎

Lesson learned –> trust my gut & go for it!

Now, if I could just learn to photograph stained glass in the sunlight — the semi-opaque yellow is completely washed out in the above images, while in real life it looks more like this:

Blue Menagerie, before soldering, while still on my work table.

Most of the blues look true in the sunlight pics — except near the top, where again they appear washed out.

But, trust me, it is beautiful!  My client says so.  😮

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What do you think?

Simply A Dawne Thought




  1. Wow!! It’s a Master piece, it’s looks so beautiful and lively!
    Nice touch with the duck, whale and lab!
    It’s so neat to look at a stain glass and see the different objects as you are admiring it!
    Great Job!

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