First Snow

Lady & Mollie love playing in the snow while our ‘Tree Spirit’ looks on.

Woohee — our first snow of the season is always a big event here on the Isle.  Yup, all 2 cm [~ 1 inch] of the white stuff covers — well, sprinkles, really — our green grass & trees.

The dogs are ecstatic — they race around the yard so fast that most of my pictures show them as blurs:

Lady zips by so fast, I simply get a blur.

In this pic, you can see Mollie coming around the Rhodo tree but Lady, in front of the tree, is simply a blur, or . . .

A peek through ‘Green Trees’ to watch the dogs playing.

maybe she’s really a ghost:  😉

A closely cropped version of the photo above, I wonder:   where is Lady’s head?

Man, she is FAST!  So fast, the camera didn’t get her whole body — cool!  😎

The water is barely discernible under heavy skies — my camera did not catch the pelting snow flakes.

The snow was the talk of the town when I went to Shoppers — all of us brushing droplets off our hair upon entering the store.

It was a funny snowstorm — first small flakes drop overnight into the morning;

then a bit of sun visits in the afternoon;

then the sky clouds over & the wind whips up & snowy ice pelts down;

then later, when the wind dies down, big fluffy flakes float down.

My room-mate has a fancy camera that does slow-motion video & he got some wonderful footage of Mollie playing in the snow:

Yes, the dogs absolutely love the snow & I must admit, as an ex-Alberta girl, I can certainly handle the 2 or 3 times a year that we, here in paradise, get this lovely dusting.

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