Testing Window Concept

When writing at Dawne Design about my newest window Project 27–Squared Rainbow Concept, my Photoshop drawings were showing up funny — so I tried a test here.  Over there, with a light blue background, the .PNG files appeared like this:

Squared Rainbow Window — concept A.

Squared Rainbow Window — concept B.

Squared Rainbow Window — concept C.

The problem was when I put them in a slide show — with a black background:

Photoshop concept A saved as png file — eek!

Sure enough — the same thing happens here with the black.  Whoa, sure shows my lousy painting job, too.

Of course!  When designing windows, I save Photoshop drawings in the usually smaller file size format of .png — it keeps the ‘invisible’ background which displays stained glass truer to reality.

Otherwise, if saved in a .jpg [JPEG] format, my invisible background is always rendered as white.  This creates a couple of problems with my drawings — there’s no difference between clear vs. white glass, plus, semi-opaque & clear coloured glass are distorted by the white behind them.

In this case, I changed the files to .jpg & gave them a very light blue background to represent the sky.  And I was shamed into during a better paint job to represent the colours.  😆

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more on this glass project, check out Project 27–Squared Rainbow Concept.

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  1. I liked the one with two rows on top and one all around but I’m sure this will look great when your done. We understand that the coloring didn’t show up with white and sky (clear) background.

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