Testing Window Concept

When writing at Dawne Design about my newest window Project 27–Squared Rainbow Concept, my Photoshop drawings were showing up funny — so I tried a test here.  Over there, with a light blue background, the .PNG files appeared like this:

Squared Rainbow Window — concept A.

Squared Rainbow Window — concept B.

Squared Rainbow Window — concept C.

The problem was when I put them in a slide show — with a black background:

Photoshop concept A saved as png file — eek!

Sure enough — the same thing happens here with the black.  Whoa, sure shows my lousy painting job, too.

Of course!  When designing windows, I save Photoshop drawings in the usually smaller file size format of .png — it keeps the ‘invisible’ background which displays stained glass truer to reality.

Otherwise, if saved in a .jpg [JPEG] format, my invisible background is always rendered as white.  This creates a couple of problems with my drawings — there’s no difference between clear vs. white glass, plus, semi-opaque & clear coloured glass are distorted by the white behind them.

In this case, I changed the files to .jpg & gave them a very light blue background to represent the sky.  And I was shamed into during a better paint job to represent the colours.  😆

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For more on this glass project, check out Project 27–Squared Rainbow Concept.

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