Tragedy Brings Change

I needed to focus on something constructive:

My re-organized desk & project area is looking pretty — even if it’s still a little crowded.

Last week, my desktop was a complete disaster — besides books, & clusters of paper, I also had my long lead carrier, & mega containers of glass all over it.  I’m sure if I placed a feather on it, the weight would bring the top down.  😉

A tragedy in my family has depressed me & a mess creaped into every part of this place — my work area, my writing area, the kitchen, my bedroom, laundry, . . .  I couldn’t find things — it was chaos.

Although I started with my desk, my organizing affected the whole place.  I moved the little units from my bedroom closet into the project area [I’ll get to the closet later], & formed a little wall with my wicker bookcase.

Now, I have a little cubicle separate from the living room tv area with more storage — although it’s still not enough.  Hmmm, is it ever?

And most of my medieval history & literature books are handy for reference — although a lot of the medieval art books, being so tall, are in a few different bookcases — ah, later . . .

I was going to spray paint her ivory but the rain came & now I’ll have to wait for a few dryer days.  By then, I’m sure I’ll have a few more items I’ll want to paint.  😆

I love the tall project bookcase — there’s more room for stained glass tools & a whole area filled with containers of glass chips [saving for a kitchen backsplash project].  Best of all, my ‘Mom’ trailer — made by Youngest Son — sits at the top, more fitting for it’s length.  [I might ask Youngest Son about oiling the wood & highlighting the fading marks that are part of ‘Mom’.]

Everything was re-organized — the project table, bookcases, & even switching in units from other parts of the house.

I’ve still got a few more things I want to try but, first, I’ll be finishing a stained glass window in a much improved, organized area — and writing & drawing on a clean, as well as pretty, desk with everything I need organized & handy.

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