Working & Loving Stained Glass

Woohoo, I’m having so much fun working on two porch windows:

The first Rainbow panel is up — I love the juxtaposition of the squared pieces with the curves of the Green Trees window beside it.

I quickly made the first little sections for the Squared Rainbow window — the bottom one only took about 3 hrs.  I only had to buy a sheet of clear glass & a couple of purples for this project — otherwise all the coloured glass pieces are scraps from previous projects.

I did try something new with the putty — colouring it a sparkling turquoise with Jacquard’s Pearl Ex Pigment [dry].  Now this was great fun!  [Yeah, I liked to play in dirt & puddles as a little girl 😉 ]

I had lots of fun colouring my putty with a sparkly turquoise pigment.

You can’t see it in the photo, but there’s a neat sparkly effect to the pigment that makes my hands look alien — I’m hoping a bit of this effect will show up when sunlight hits the window.

The colour I used was 681 Duo Blue-Green which created a gorgeous, deep turquoise.  It was a lot of fun squishing the dry pigment into the oily putty — but also a lot of work for the arthritic fingers.

Definitely worth it though — I loved the pigment so much, I went back to Opus Arts for more colours to try on future projects.

Little did I know that some inside creature [yes, you Mollie], would decide to push her nose through one of the only three remaining plastic windows, thus allowing access for the outside creatures.

Thus, a new window — CityScape.

I used another Pearl Ex Pigment — 682 Duo Green-Yellow — to create this pretty line-green putty.

Since CityScape is going to have a lot of blues & greens in the bottom two-thirds, I think this light green will suit it very well — hopely adding a sparkle to the sky.

Who knew I’d have so much fun with plain, old putty?  Colour — that’s my world — anywhere I can add colour, I will.

Again, for CityScape, I’m using scraps of glass from other projects.  But, these are bigger pieces than the Rainbow’s 3″ squares.

A lot of these scraps are long & thin — slices left after a sheet of glass was cut.

Other pieces have weird shapes but are not large enough to supply a whole window.

I got the idea for CityScape from a few graphic prints on the net showing skylines of various large cities like New York.

Although certainly not as large a downtown, I can vividly remember sitting high in my Calgary office staring at nothing but high-rises all around me.  These rectangular-shaped glass pieces make excellent buildings.

The top third of the window will represent the sky with various clear glasses.

I’ll scrape the putty & clean this CityScape section with whiting this afternoon.  Then, hopefully, I’ll get the 2nd thin panel to the putty stage tonight.

The last panel, for the middle, is about twice as wide as these guys, so I’ll need 2-3 days to get that section done.

Then, thank-you very much Mollie, ahem, I can get back to finishing the Squared Rainbow window, which, at least, still has its plastic.

A New Commission

The big news is that I got another commission — yahoo — to make a panel like Blue Menagerie:

Project 21 — Blue Menagerie

A friend of a friend saw my first commission & loved it so much she wants one of her own.  A big Yahoo !

My second commission will be an abstract, about the same size [18″ x 25″], with some lighter blues & white added to the mid-blues & yellow.

Due April 30th, I need to finish off the Squared Rainbow in the next couple weeks so I can start on this paid work.

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