CityScape Deters Critters

The CityScape window installed — no outdoor critters can come in & indoor critters [ahem, Mollie] can’t go out.

I had lots of fun making this quick window — it’s mostly long & skinny scraps of glass.

I had to take a break from my Squared Rainbow window because Mollie, my room-mate’s dog, decided to poke a hole in one of the three last windows still covered with plastic.

Since she likes to hang out in the porch at night to protect us from those wild critters that pass through, she is certainly not pleased with all these windows going up!

I made a coloured putty again — this time with Jacquard’s Pearl Ex Pigment in Yellow-Green which produced a nice lime green.

I certainly do like seeing a pretty coloured putty in the glass edges & solder corners rather than plain white stuff.

I look at the old windows in the house — their ancient putty has crumbled, turned black, & attracts mold.  What a difference a new putty job would make there!

I didn’t have a pattern for this window — again.  I fit in a number of long, skinny pieces of leftover glass, then cut rectangles of other colours to connect them.

The rectangular, coloured glass represent high-rise buildings of a big city’s downtown — hmmm, certainly not Victoria, . . . more like Calgary.

The finished CityScape awaiting installation.

I curved the lead lines & used different clear glass in the upper third to represent the sky.  Afterward, the arched lines reminded me of church windows.

Sitting beside two much plainer windows, CityScape adds an interesting grace to this end of the porch.

Now, unexpectantly, the windows at the far end of the porch are done.  So, ahem, thanks Mollie.  Now, I can get back to the Squared Rainbow window in the middle area.

The two ends of the porch have windows now — plastic remains only in the middle.  Stay away, Mollie!

The first of four panels of the rainbow window is installed & I’ve got half of the extremely easy sections finished, so the next window should be up soon, . . . very soon.

More details at Dawne Design.

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  1. Wow it’s really coming together now. Looking good, I notice the lines on the soldering is looking more thinner. I like this one looking like a city.

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