Colour Fun

Oh, so much fun with colour around my house lately:

Butterfly pillows from Bombay tie my bedroom colour scheme together Dawne Design.

I’ve been decorating with colourful flowers & butterflies & fairies & real-life elves:

For my bedside tables, I filled matching turquoise vases with fresh flowers & added sweet bird cage tea lights with feathery butterflies.

My little haven is quite romantic at night.

I switched a bit of my glass collection around — added fresh flowers in a mug, a strawberry plant in a $5 bucket planter from Michaels, & a little votive butterfly bucket.

With a wonderful photo of my grand-daughter, taken by daughter-in-law [great talent, eh?], I created this in Photoshop using graphics from ScrapGirls.  I have a frame waiting . . .

And nature has been providing it’s own gorgeous colour all around me:

My CityScape window [far left] peeks out from flowering trees & rhododendron bushes.

The front entrance garden is alive with blooming tulips & greenery from fennel, thyme, & various flowers that’ll bloom in the coming months.

The window box seeds have grown magnificently — can’t wait to see them bloom!

In the meantime, the Red Sedum in one of the glass planters grows much higher than ‘ground cover’!  Hmm, I thought it would drape over the edges, not stand straight & tall like little soldiers — ah, the joys of gardening.  😆

Out back, life sprouts again this year in the stumps of the massive 80-100 yr-old cedars the landlord had removed last year.

I haven’t seen this lovely purple flower anywhere else on the property — anyone know what its name is?

And, of course, I add my own stunning colour with ongoing stained glass projects:

Work progresses on my 2nd commission — ‘Flower Power’.  I’ll be delivering it to the client next week.

Can you tell I love colour?

It fills me with joy & peace.

No monochromatic colour schemes for me, no siree  😆

How about you?

What colours do you love?

What colours surround you?

What feelings do they evoke?

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  1. Everything looks so bright and cheery, Dawne. Gorgeous presentations, beautifully done. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join me as well. Thank you for stopping by to comment on my butterfly piece, and when I saw your cushions I was so impressed. They are gorgeous. I am also Canadian, live in Brandon, MB. My family (those that are still living), live at the West Coast too. Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures.
    Hugs, Gayle.

  2. Absolutely superb, Dawne! You’ve taken the beauty of nature, and combined it with the beauty of your own creations. They complement each other perfectly– you’ve created a place of true enchantment. Beautifully done! : )

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