A Pretty Butterfly Package

There was a package in the mailbox today.  Surprise, surprise, it isn’t one of those freebies I’m always signing up for.  No, this is from my loving sister & there’s a couple felt-pen hearts on the brown paper wrapping with a “Happy B-Day ” & “Best Wishes “.  So, …

Ooooh, it’s a birthday present for me!  I love my little Sis.  Without fail, she surprises me every year with my only birthday package in the mail.  😆

Now the big question — should I open it today or wait until the 17th?  That’s still a week away tomorrow.  Hmmmm, Sis really packaged this pretty well — taped the corners really good.

I did just get myself a little treat at Shoppers Drug Mart — this glittery soap dispenser for the bathroom.  Incentive to get it painted in a gorgeous turquoise.

Still, … I’ll just peek under the brown paper, … a little cut around the tape, …

Oh, my, what beautiful butterfly paper!  And there’s a gorgeous butterfly card embellishment attached.  And Sis even fancied the corners with elegant velvet ribbon in a soft yellow.

Now, … how can I possibly open this today?  This package is much too beautiful to tear apart!  I am definitely putting my curiosity aside to simply enjoy the beautiful gift wrapping.

It’s only for a week.  Peeking?  No worries, I can make it.

Thanks for the wonderful surprise, Sis  LUV U 

Simply A Dawne Thought




  1. Wow, boy did the postal system work fast this time. I think that was a nice surprised, and your sis didn’t even let the cat out of the bag. Maybe somebody just wanted to make your day a happy day!

    By the looks of the brown paper it went threw some rough times, good thing it was wrapped twice.

    Enjoy an early present!
    Happy Early Bithday Sis, XOXO

    • Ha ha, the brown paper was perfect when I got it — I didn’t decide to take a picture until after I’d ripped it off. 😆

      I was amazed to see it took less than 5 days for the post office — they must be gearing up for Christmas!

      Thanks for the lovely surprise Sis, I’m going to gaze at the lovely butterflies for a week before I open the present. LUV U

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