Gift Choosing Always Fun

mini tree

I always love this time of year — when I start checking gifts off my Christmas List.  When I feel the exquisite joy of Santa — of actually having a unique gift for my loved one that’s from my heart. 

For me, on the receiving end, it’s never been about the $$ spent — it’s all about the thought behind the gift.  So, when on the giving side, I try to find, or even better, make, a special item especially for my loved one.

Rainbow_Bridge halfwayI usually find the best gifts are homemade — they’re made with love & take a little more thought & time than running through Wal-Mart grabbing something — any thing — at the last minute. 

Of course the problem with making gifts is ensuring they’re done in time.

Last Christmas, I had all sorts of plans to make family gifts but come Christmas Eve I was still working on my grand-daughter’s gift, never mind finish ANY gifts that had to be mailed.  Eeek!

This year, I was determined that family in Calgary would get gits from me.  But that means giving the post office enough time to get them delivered.  Yeah, hmmm, I’m already late.

Still, I’m going to push ahead.  I should be able to mail them Monday, December 17th but it’s pretty doubtful that, at this time of year, Canada Post will get them to Calgary in a week.  Hopefully, they’ll arrive before the new year.

Still, I’d rather send something I made than rush out to pick up a cheapo anything — late is better than never.  Sorry Santa, I don’t have elves to help me.  😉

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