The Horrific That Is Beyond Human Understanding

Book Peeps expresses our shock at another mass shooting in the U.S. & I think she asks some very important questions.

The Horrific That Is Beyond Human Understanding.

We, as humans all over this world, need to deal with the high rate of mental illness in our population — or the strong will inherit this earth!  And I certainly do not want my grandchildren growing up in a world filled with greedy liars, cheaters, & abusers who will do anything to achieve prominence, $$$, & fame — solely for material possessions.

I am compelled to continue my story — to try to get help for abuser & victim alike.
To bring the whole story out of the closet. To understand — to ask why?
To save our future generations from this hell.

No-one has the right to destroy my heart.
No-one has the right to judge me according to their misguided standards.
No-one, absolutely no-one, has the right to tell me how to feel.

Simply A Dawne Thought