Repost: Lashing Out

WordsWith the crush of Christmas shopping upon many people, tempers are a little short — long line-ups, busy driving, crappy weather, … time running short. 

Last night, I avoided the indoor malls & really enjoyed my $17 trip to a ‘real’ Dollar Store where everything, … I mean every thing in the huge store, … was $1.25 [or less] !!  I almost didn’t believe it when the clerk didn’t even check the register when I asked the price of my first item.  And, lo & behold, I finished my last shopping

  • finally, mega packages of the much-needed tissue paper in beautiful rainbow colours, … 20 sheets for $1.25,
  • some gorgeous ‘fabric-handled-for-the-girls’ medium-sized gift bags, … 2 for $1.25,
  • a teeny horse in the cutest little glitter-snow globe with a  sparkle in the evening glow is well worth, … $1.25, and
  • even, a small ‘wrapped-plus-fabric-robbon-and-bow’ gift box, … yes, only $1.25.

How wonderful, … now I can wrap gifts, … well, … except the ones I’m still making.  EEEEK!  Of course, they’re for Calgary & will never get there in time now, never mind even getting mailed before the 25th!  I’ve been beating myself over my lack of progress which really doesn’t help, so I’m reposting Lashing Out from 2010 DEC 5th as a little reminder to keep cool & wish Merry Christmas to all in your path this week — even if it is under your breath.  😉

Words When you’ve been hurt by someone, do you feel angry & want to spew ugly words at them?  I’ve done that in my life — & I regret pretty-well every time!

Many, many times the other person didn’t even realize they’d said anything to hurt & certainly did not intend to inflict any pain.  Maybe the comment touched a raw nerve, or even, ha ha, the truth!!  Or I felt misunderstood, or ambushed, or a myriad of other human emotions that had nothing to do with the person or subject at hand.

I used to have [well, still do a little, hee hee] a volcano-like temper — I let lots of things build up inside until I can no longer hold all the anger & then it explodes!  Once all is calm, the mask is replaced & tons of hurt is jokingly brushed aside until the next volcanic eruption.

But with time comes wisdom [well hopefully to most of us!].  Hurtful words can never make a situation better & time itself is a healer.  Now I try to think, write, digest, analyze, . . . anything other than lashing back with words that are forever out there.

Lots of times I think of good ole Fred Flintstone with his quick temper — trying to count to 10 before exploding.  Did he ever make it?  Well, thank goodness, I have — even to count to 100 — or 1,000 — or 1,000,000 — if need be, hee hee.

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