My Mac Gets a Redneck Repair

Reddy MacThe wires on my MacBook’s power supply twisted out of contact — requiring a redneck repair!

Everyone knows I love Macs — ever since I bought my first one in 1988, I’ve never looked at anything else.  Now, that cute, little baby had nothing close to the power of today’s computers & even with my employee discount, it cost an amazing $8,000.

Then, I got a full desktop Mac in 2001 — closer to $4,000 that time.  That baby had a lot more power but still had nothing compared to today’s computer.  Neither one of these old Macs needed any kind of repair — still going strong when they got replaced with a newer version.

My latest Mac is the MacBook laptop that I got in 2009 — more power than ever before & much cheaper at under $2,000.  Under a 3-year warranty [Apple’s Protection Plan], this baby never needed a repair.  That warranty ended in November 2012 & of course, now it develops a problem.

This baby–being a laptop–has been everywhere.  On top of being taken to university for every class, it’s traveled back & forth between my place & a friend’s place every week, & it’s even been to Calgary twice.  I am not gentle with it — the connections go through a lot of twisting when pulled out, pushed back in, & wrapped for traveling.

So, when the wires on the Mac power pack twisted apart, I could no longer get power to my battery.  A quick fix was definitely needed.  I must say I was a bit worried when I handed my baby over to Reddy, the Redneck Engineer, to see if he could fix the problem.  You gotta see how he did it:

Now my baby is back running as smooth as ever — with the battery getting charged as needed.

Thanks so much, Reddy, I seriously don’t know what I would do without my Mac.  And the black duck tape adds so much personality.  😉

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