Missing Nana

Nana me Mom Stampede 1958? copy
Nana, Mum, me at Calgary Stampede July 1958

My Nana provided the caring that my soul craved.  Now, I need her again but she is so very far away that I cannot reach her in this life.  I simply want to feel her fold me in her arms & hear her tell me she loves me.  I need to cry in Nana’s arms while she tells me it’ll be okay.

I am compelled to continue my story — to try to get help for abuser & victim alike.
To bring the whole story out of the closet. To understand — to ask why?
To save our future generations from this hell.

No-one has the right to destroy my heart.
No-one has the right to judge me according to their misguided standards.
No-one, absolutely no-one, has the right to tell me how to feel.

Simply A Dawne Thought  

LUV Your Thoughts . . .

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