Prettiest Picture wk 13.24

My Prettiest Picture This Week

Green Trees rhodo bloom 2013JUN14View from porch through Green Trees window.

Surprise Rhodo

My biggest surprise in the garden this year is the blooming of this rhododendron — 1st time in 3 years!

Although every rhodo on the property blooms so we have continuous colour from late May into July, this little guy has only rhodo front 2011JULY31got to the budding stage in both 2011 & 2012.

The first year, I kept looking at those little buds–always green & tightly closed–hoping they’d open to show a glimpse of colour.   Maybe I should have pruned it, but even with its weird, little shape, I didn’t want to trim any branches that had green leaves & buds with potential.

Full of dead branches, I broke off a few of them.  Of course, Lady was right there to grab them for chewing & playtime.

I guess I was too slow for her, because Lady decided she’d skip the middle-man [me] & prune the tree herself — chomping the dead branches completely off.

Other than a little bit of Miracle Grow fertilizer, that was pretty well all the care it got that first year.

rhodo front 2012MAY23Spring 2012 came before I was ready, so again I didn’t attempt any kind of pruning — especially the dog chomping.  With hardly any dead branches, Lady was now killing off live branches!

It was pretty obvious it needed pruning.  But, again, it had little buds starting — surely they’d awake this year.

But, no, the buds stayed green & the entire plant lost any shape while branches grew uncontrolled.  With a lack of greenery in the centre, it was looking quite straggly indeed.

Did I prune it that fall?  No, it stayed green throughout winter while I vowed to give it more care in 2013.

So, without pruning or even fertilizer recommended to help rhodos bloom, imagine my surprise, as we entered June this year, when I noticed this:

front rhodo buds 2013JUN02Rhododendron buds opening 2013 June 02

COLOUR ! ! !

There was actually delicate petals of colour popping out of those buds — after years of only green.

rhodo front bloom 2013JUN03Buds blooming & new growth 2013 June 03.

After that, the colour has simply kept coming with beautiful rhodo flowers & new growth everywhere on this baby.

rhodo front bloom 2013JUN09More flowers blooming & new growth filling in gaps 2013 June 14.

rhodo blooms Lady 2013JUN14With Lady always there to help me, the rhododendron has more flowers every day — especially on the south side — 2013 June 14.

rhodo front S 2013JUN162013 June 16 — the south side is full of flowers & buds, while …

rhodo front N 2013JUN16The north side is bare & looking quite straggly — definitely needs a trim — 2013 June 16.

GrTr rhodo 13JUN16I’m simply happy that it’s blooming on the side facing the porch.  🙂

Hmmm, not sure how this happened but certainly glad it did.  😎

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  1. Wow that is beautiful, Mine never bloomed since the day I bought it. I thought it might of been because of the cold Alberta weather and it sure wasn’t that large after 3 years. I left it when we moved as I didn’t see a reason to bring it to the new house.
    Nice property lots of privacy and space I dream for that:-}

    • OMG Verleen — rhodos grow everywhere here! Other than what I describe above, I haven’t given them any special treatment so I don’t know why this guy woke up this year! Most people trim them so they’re nicely shaped & flowers cover the whole bush. This guy is one of two small ones — all the rest are huge trees 10-12′ high and even wider! You can just see a couple–red & white–in the background of some of the above pics. We also have privacy on the left from a huge wall of purple & pink rhodos that’s gotta be 40-50′ long.

      I’m going to read up on rhododendrons [at least I’ve got the spelling down] but I betcha they have to be treated like roses in Alberta & you know how hard it is to keep those babies! I put a broken rhodo branch [yes, thanks to Lady] in water & actually got a bloom yesterday so maybe you could try growing them indoors? Good Luck & Thanks for your much-appreciated comment. 😎

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