Prettiest Picture wk 13.27

My Prettiest Picture This Week

Deer Playing 2013JULY04This guy saw me watching the two of them playing & nibbling
[view from the living room into the side yard leading to neighbour’s front yard].

Did You Know Deer Play Like Dogs?

A glance out the window, a flash of movement & what a surprise — a deer standing on her hind legs nibbling at the foliage of a branch high above!  Wow, I didn’t know they could stand like that for such a long time — at least, it sure seemed like quite awhile!  😉

Lady tree upThe deer was pulling the branch down with her teeth — almost like Lady when she goes pruning trees.  [left]

Big & tall as the gorgeous deer was, she couldn’t quite grab more than a tip of a leaf, … then suddenly the leaf would rip & the whole branch would fly back up to the sky, waving at her as it bounced higher out of her reach. 

I didn’t see the smaller deer at first.  He came bounding out from … somewhere — the hedge?  behind the big tree?  beside the workshop?

Suddenly the two of them were playing — jumping & running around the trees in the yard just like Lady & Mollie love to do — but a more bouncy game of chase than dogs.  And more graceful.  And faster.  Man, they were flying — simply blurs in my photos!

Of course, I was too entranced watching them play to worry about pictures — to let that intrude would take the magic from these precious moments.

I think the pair are mother & child filled with a simple joy, hidden away from people & their deadly contraptions, with room to run free.  To play.  To nibble at fresh delectabldeer look-upe delights growing all around.  To enjoy life.  Be Safe.

Lady knew I was looking at something & with the window next to me wide open, it didn’t take her long to sniff the elusive ones.

I whispered for ‘quiet voice’ & Mollie woofed a little grumble — the deer listened but did not seem bothered.

Moving around the tree, the smaller deer saw me but didn’t seem surprised — he simply looked back at me.  He’d maybe have a nibble or two — then simply watch me watching him.  😉

Even Lady’s muted, mournful, & miraculously short howl didn’t bother the deer outside — could they tell that the dogs were inside & not able to get out?  Was it in the loudness of the bark [or howl, in Lady’s case] or was the message clear?

As time silently passed, the wind gently rustled the leaves — with no particular rush, first one, then the other deer went through the neighbour’s hedge to nibble down the little hill.  But there’d be no more photos — the light was fading & my camera wanted to use the flash — uh, no, that would certainly startle the gentle creatures!  Happily, I put down the camera to simply watch the beauties move on.  😀

deer sideSorry, two grainy photos are cropped from pictures with highest zoom, still —
I love the deer’s burnished colour, strong bone structure, tall ears always on alert,
& muscled bodies ready for instant speed if needed.

deer small crop

Deer Playing 2013JULY04

Such beautiful, regal animals —
so totally cool to share their deer play.  😎

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