Prettiest Picture wk 13.34

My Pretty Porch This Week

entrance ivory 21 AUG 2013My pretty porch — painting has progressed as far as my tippy-toes could reach.

Making 2 Gallons of Paint = 3 Colours

I LUV my pretty porch.  😀  Really!  These past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed every change in this ‘prettifying’ process.  During each wonderful step, I simply can’t stop peeking outside, then exclaiming, “LUV my pretty porch!”  😎

Wporch swept_2011Aug07hen I first moved in here three years ago, this damp, old porch with grungy wood & plastic windows was simply a little head protection from the rain in the winter & a storage collector throughout the year.

With some of the plastic ripped & constantly flapping in the wind, rain still got in — anything made of paper or fabric was destroyed.

So, in the summer of 2011, the ripped plastic got replaced & I cleared almost everything out to other areas [right].  I knew I wanted to paint at some point but first priority was filling some of those holes with stained glass creations.

I was hoping to paint in 2012 but too many factors were against it — me still working on windows, funds for glass or paint but not both, & summer ending far too quickly. 😉

And, although the porch was warmer in the winter of 2012-13, it was still damp, grungy, & … sad.

paint floor trim LadyOf course, nothing could stop me from painting this summer — hey, I grew up knowing the exquisite value in a gallon of paint!  😉

The best part was I didn’t even have to drive to Victoria [Langford] because the local Sooke Home Hardware had Beauti-Tone™ exterior on sale for $7 off per gallon.  That adds up when you’re buying a few gallons.  And saving $10-15 on gas makes it even sweeter.  😎

The hardest part was picking the turquoise shade — the paint chip I’d chosen was from another paint line & was darker than the choices available.  Eeek!

The ivory shade was easy — a slightly yellow ‘Fondant Lace White‘ [FD047] & I finally picked ‘Scooter‘ [F081] for the darkest-bright turquoise.

Yes, it looks very bright going on the floor — but with all the dirty paws travelling back & forth, the brightness does get dulled.  And the ivory really cleans up the walls & the ugly yellow plastic well but will not show the ongoing dust as much as a true white would.

For the trim, I filled the roller tray with ivory paint, then added a couple of small dollops of turquoise [yes, I have the ‘recipe’] — it didn’t take much of the bright colour mixed in & I had a lovely pastel turquoise.

before_after first 2 windowsAh yes, ripped plastic replaced by stained glass & mold-growing wood freshly painted.
My pretty porch.

before_after door innsideNotice that only the top part of the door is painted?  I used the last of the mixed tint to see if it would go better with the blue glass of the door than the ivory paint.

before_after entranceEven a dirty turquoise floor is much prettier than the barely-red wood.  And nothing beats a fresh coat of ivory to clean up grubby white wood.

Adding Black Makes 4th Colour

When painting the inside walls ivory, I inadvertently left  large dribbles of paint on the outside — yeah, the boards don’t quite meet everywhere.  Oops!  So, just a little early, the originally-white-now-moss-coloured exterior got a fresh coat of ivory — too, too gorgeous!  😎

full trailer 21 AUG 2013While the ivory exterior is gorgeous, the dark brown strip at the bottom kept bugging me, so …

shed planter 23Aug2013
Needing some turquoise colour outside but not wanting it too bright, I added a bit of black interior paint to the exterior [hmm, problems?] to paint over the old reddish-brown.  Oh yeah, this new colour brightens it all & really enhances the stained glass windows!  😀

before_after trailer 23Aug2013

What can I say?  Too, too cool !!  😎

Simply A Dawne Thought


  1. Love what you guys are doing! It’s fabulous!!! Thanks for joining us this week at the Let’s Get Social Sunday party. I host a party on Tuesday called The Gathering Spot and would love it you’d link up with me 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  2. I really like your painted glass. Many years ago, I lived in an Edwardian house in London that had stained glass panels either side of the front door. The light coming through them was always a joy to see.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thank-you so much — this was my favourite large project. I feel the same joy from stained glass — whether it’s sunny or cloudy, daytime or night-time, there’s always beauty. Take care & have fun 😉

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